Monday, January 3, 2011

Back from one horrible week!!!!

Not for the reason you would think either.  I didn't have any problems with food temptations because I spent the holiday week with the stomach flu that ended up putting me in the hospital!  I guess God felt as though I could not be trusted around all the baked goods and sent a plague down to keep me honest. I have no idea!   Let me start from the beginning.

Christmas Eve- Low carb appetizers and great time with family.  We spent the whole day just having fun and getting the Christmas magic going for the little ones.  When we went to bed  I could not fall asleep.  For some reason ( I know why now) my body was just restless and uncomfortable.  I thought it was just from all the excitement, I did not know it was the beginning of a long week.

Christmas Day- Presents, snacks and a brisket dinner.  I kept trying to eat but everything I put in my mouth kept getting stuck so I did not get to eat a lot that day and I am wondering if it is connected to my flu.  Still, we had such a great day and when I hit the pillow I just knew that I was going to sleep until noon the next day.

Flu Day- No such luck.  Sunday morning started at 3am with me feeling like death.  I couldn't think of anything that I had ate that would be causing me to want to die.  I dozed on and off for the next 2 hours and then it hit me, I had a bug.  As I was in the bathroom dry heaving because nothing would come up I was starting to wonder if I had slipped my band because if I had a bug surely something would be coming up.  Not so.  Apparently my restriction is tighter in the morning and this also makes it harder for stuff to come up too.  I have since spoken with other banded people and they have the same problem.  Nothing will come up in the morning.  It hurt too.  I would dry heave so bad that I would loose my breath and feel like I was choking.  My husband rubbed my back and tried to help every time.  It really made it bare able for me. 

Anyways, I proceeded to have bowel and tummy issues the entire day.  As the day grew older bile started to come up until at 6pm my stomach was able to empty itself and that was the last time I puked.  I did lose a lot of liquid that day and ended up passing out over a dozen times until my husband forced me into the hospital.  They gave me 2 liters of fluids by IV and also found an infection and that my blood pressure was dropping out from the dehydration.  Remember when I posted last week about needing to drink more water,  that came back and bit me on the butt.  I am now drinking at least 60 oz of water a day and do not have plans of ever going through this again.

The rest of the week-  It took several days for the dizziness, poopiness and queasiness to wear off so that I could enjoy my week off of work.  By Wednesday I was almost normal but still had issues with my balance but by Friday I was good to go.  The worst part of this story is that after 3 days of water, Gatorade and soup I did not lose a dang thing.  My husband tried to make me feel better by talking about how my body went into starvation mode and held on to calories but I know it is just poking fun at me.  Dang scale.  I am now at 310.6  but I know that it is not forever and that I am slowly making my way down that number scale.  I hope all of you had a much better holiday week.

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