Goals and Milestones

          Weight loss Milestones and NSV Goals
Goal Weight- 160lbs

         Milestones                                                        Non Scale Victories                   
  • 10 lbs- 9/10/10                               Be able to ride amusement park rides again
  • 20lbs- 10/1/10                                Fit in a size 24
  • 30lbs- 10/22/10                              Be able run for a half mile
  • 40lbs- 1/23/11                                Workout for 30 minutes without stopping
  • Below 300- 3/6/11                          Start working out regularly
  • 50lbs- 3/6/11                                   Be able to paint my own toe nails
  • 60lbs- 4/29/11                                 Be a smaller size than my husband
  • 70lbs-  9/2/11                                 Fit in Booths at restaurants without worrying
  • 80lbs-    12/23/12                          Comfortably fit in a theater seat again
  • 90lbs-     8/24/12                            Fit in a size 22
  • 100lbs-   12/1/12                            Feel comfortable enough with loss to talk about WLS
  • 110lbs-                                           My Boobs stick out further than my stomach
  • 120lbs-                                           To feel sexy again
  • 130lbs-                                           Being below the weight limit on my elliptical machine
  • 140-lbs                                           Not worry about size and weight limits on anything
  • 150-lbs                                           To shop at Victoria Secrets
  • Below 200-                                     To be able to play with my kids and have energy
  • 160lbs-                                            Be able to buy regular sized clothes (below 18)
  • 170lbs-                                            Fit in a 22
  • 180lbs-                                            Fit in an 18
  • Goal Weight of 160lbs-                    Be an example and help to other fatties in the world
  • BMI Below 40                               Be able to wear cute shoes and not comfy shoes. 
  • BMI Below 35                               Participate in 5k either walking or jogging
  • BMI Below 30                              
  • BMI Below 25