Friday, February 24, 2012

- week


I have finally actually hit the 80 lbs loss mark!   I have been hovering around it for two months and I finally passed over.  Now knowing my body I might play footsie for a few more months but still I made it this far!  I am very excited and hope that I can continue this .5-1lbs weekly loss.  

So, I started taking ambien a few weeks ago because I just couldn't continue using Nyquil and simply sleep to try and knock myself out.  I was worried at first that I would start sleep eating like others on the medicine do but I guess taht since I am so careful during the day that deep inside my body knows that with the band I can't eat after a certain time.  Either that or it is the fact that my husband does most of the cooking and I am lazy in my sleep.  Anyways, since there is a proven sleep action thing with ambien I have been thinking of my eliptical each night before I nod off to dreamland in hopes that I could start doing my workouts in my sleep.  No such luck!!!!!! It seems that my body really is lazy while sleeping and refuses to suck it up and be the grown up in this team.  Oh well!!!!

Week in evaluation:
food:  Pretty good but could be way better  (I'm looking at you oreos!)
Water:  Really great!
Workouts:  TOM was my excuse this time. 
Mental:  I am still in a good place right now but I get frustrated sometimes because we are so busy and I can't just eat something quick or grab a sandwich so I get upset and then that makes it really hard to eat.

Friday, February 17, 2012

- Week


I am so happy to be back where I was before my Grandma died in december.  I wasn't even stress eating in the way that I did before my band.  Since my band I have noticed a different kind of stress eating.  When I get stressed out my band gets really tight and I can't eat anything so what do I turn to?  That's right, sliders.  However, instead of using broths, soups and protien shakes to feed my stressed out body I use ice cream, chips and anthing else that will slide right by.  It is so funny how I keep learning things even after a year.  The fat girl in me has adapted and mutated to fit it's current conditions!  I guess I need to watch her so she doesn't take over again.