Monday, January 24, 2011

2nd Fill with Pic!

2nd fill: 1.5 cc added for a total of 5.5 cc

I had my second fill and I can really tell a difference!  At my first fill I had 4 cc put in because when the doctor tried to put 5 in nothing would pass through the band.  Well, when I showed up for my second fill 6 weeks later asking for more because I was not only not losing weight but also gaining a little he was hesitant to add more.  Lucky for me I have a great doctor that listens and also does fluoroscope with barium if needed.  He got the needle in me (see above picture) and took out the previous fill (btw 1 cc was missing) he then added 4.5 cc and stood me up for the barium.  I swallowed the barium and it slid right on through, he then added another .5cc and it slide through as well, he then added another .5cc for a total of 5.5cc and it stopped in the pouch and did the peculate thing.  He had me swallow a couple of times more just to make sure and I was good to go.  He warned me that I would feel a huge difference in restriction and to take it slow.

Boy was he right!  I am eating about a cup of food and if I don't cut it up into small bites and chew the crap out of it I get hung up.  I have already noticed that I am not going to be able to get away with certain foods like I was before.  I had a piece of toast last night and had major issues with it.  I am also realizing that I still have yet to learn how to eat slowly.  Why can I not put my fork down between bites and wait?  I guess that is my new goal.  The great news is that I have already lost 2 pounds since my fill (I couldn't help myself and weighed myself this morning instead of my scheduled one on Friday).  That means that I have lost 40 lbs and my BMI is officially under 50!!!!!!!!!!  Now to just lose 8 more pounds and get below 300lbs.  


  1. That is awesome news! Thanks again for the great posts! I'm under a week away from my surgery and so curious as to what to expect after the band is installed.
    Did you get your fills locally or did you go back to Mexico?
    Keep up the good work!

  2. I am getting my fills done through fill centers USA. Good luck with the surgery!!!!!!