People say the Darndest things!

As I have lost weight I have had people say the craziest things to me.  It is amazing how people just have to open their mouths and say something even if it makes no sense or is completely insulting.  Since this list seems to grow with the more weight I lose I decided to make a page of them.  Enjoy!

1.  Your husband must be so excited!!!!!!-  Yeah, what am I supposed to say to this?  "He sure is because I was such an ugly cow before and that is all our love is built on."  What the crap!   This makes no sense to me.   Why would you even say that to someone? You don't know my husband or the fact that he has never failed to show how much he loves me and thinks that I am beautiful and sexy.  This one really did amaze me.

2.  I bet guys are going to start hitting on you or your are blossoming into a beautiful woman-  Wow,  I am worried about this one.  I have worked so hard most of my life to build a fortress of fat around me so that I am so ugly that I would never have to worry about catching a man's eye.  (please read with the sarcasm that is dripping from these words)  Honestly, is there anything nice about telling a woman that she is too fat and ugly to be attractive to the opposite sex.  I am still a bit speechless.

3.  I can barely see you anymore/ Your melting away or The wind is just going to blow you away-  I get several of these and I know they are meant with great intentions but dang!  I am still 130 lbs overweight at no point and I in fear of my life because of the wind nor do I think that my body is just going to melt away or that I am so thin that no one can see me.  It isn't a hurtful comment but it is condescending and just plain makes me want to sit on you.

4.  You have lost so much weight you look pregnant now!  It is inspiring!-  So not only do I look pregnant but looking pregnant is inspiring to you how?  Are you wanting to go around with a watermelon under your shirt or did your comment just run wild and you are trying to redeem yourself. 

5. Hey Skinny!-  I know this one goes along with number 3 but it seems to be my new nickname in my office and is constantly yelled out at me as I walk through a crowded office by older women that I know think they are complementing me but again, the way to express your support is not by yelling out to a still fat girl that she is skinny. It is patronizing and insulting. 

6.  Don't lose anymore weight or your skin will get saggy and you will look old.-  My response to this one was that I can nip and tuck my body but I can't add years to my life without losing the weight.