Monday, December 17, 2012

100 Lbs Lost and the past year of my life

I have not posted in almost a year but that does not mean I fell off the band wagon or anything like that.  I have just been in a whirlwind of crazy in the 2011 year and I am hoping that I can get things settled enough to continue the mission of this blog on keeping people updated on my progress and any complications that I might have as well as the blessings of my band.  

As you can see from the title I have passed the 100 pounds lost mark.  This took 2 years and was such a wonderful milestone to hit.   For those of you that have read past posts you know that I hover at certain weights for a couple of months and then will drop 5-10 pounds and then hover some more.   I hovered at the 90-95 pound range for like 3 months and it was getting old.  Then I started getting sick and couldn't keep anything down and started having acid problems.   Well, my mind went straight to a band slippage and I was terrified that I was going to have the band removed.   During this time I kept getting closer and closer to the 100 mark and finally hit it.  I also went to the doctor and was told I had gallstones.   It turns out that a high weight loss can create gallstones and the symptoms feel like a slipped band too.  I am now stone free and 100 pounds lighter.  I added the bit about the gallstones just incase anyone else out there is having this issue and want answers.  It hurt in my chest and right shoulder blade and I had huge reflux issues.  Anything I ate or drank came back up within minutes of ingesting it.   Go to a Doctor and get help if you have these symptoms.  Better safe than sorry.

Now that I have gotten the good news out of the way I will update on the past year.  I am still sucking it up on the fitness side of things.  I was doing the couch to 5k late spring and then quit because of rain and heat.  you know what happens after that....... lose the habit and desire to start back up.   To help with this my husband and I have decided to train for the Color Run in our area next fall and will train all year for it.  We are pretty excited and hopefully working as a couple will help push those cobwebs out and get me moving again.  I am now off of all medications and feel great.   Still being 247 pounds means that I am still obese but I am no longer morbidly obese.  That was a big deal for me.  I am now "just Fat" and not "crap, I am going to die" Fat.  I finally got rid of the last of my pre surgery pants and I am now listening to my husband and replacing any other clothes that I wore 100 pounds ago.   He says I need to accept that I no longer fit them and move on.  It is harder to do that mentally than I thought it would be.  I still worry about if I will fit in a seat or if something will break if I step on it.   I still feel that 100 pounds mentally.  I am getting better and have even started letting people take pics of me instead of hiding or making faces so that it is my humur they laugh at and not my fat. 

I hope that everyone is still working hard on goals and that you forgive me for my silence.  I promise to update more than once a year. 

Fat Girl.