Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Starting on weight training

I have done weight training before and loved it but as usual I got out of the routine of things and never picked it back up.  Well, my husband got us some weights so that I can start it back up.  My brother in law is a couch and a few years ago he was nice enough to teach me about weights and even come up with stuff I could do from home with dumbbells and even how to make it a cardio workout too.  I do low weight with high reps and I circuit the different muscles so that I can keep my heart rate up.  For those of you that don't know this yet lifting weights is not only great for toning your muscles but it also raises your metabolism and helps with weight loss.  I know!  It surprised me too but I like it and strangely enough I feel a little sexy when I am using weights.  Like I am some kind of amazon queen or something.  TMI I know but still what ever helps keep me lifting, right?

Since it has been awhile since doing this I am starting off slow and easy so that I don't hurt myself.  I also started on legs since that seemed to be the less overwhelming thing to do.  My oldest son got in on it too and would work on the move I just left.  It actually helped me having that energetic 9 year old doing squats and calf raises with me.  Oh, and I also got to use my new wii fit board 3" extension thing that makes it higher off the ground.  I have to say

Here is what I have for my lower body day.


Squats (Free Weight, Smith Machine or Squat Machine) OR Leg Press

Straight Leg Dead Lifts

Calf Raises (Standing Machine or Seated Machine)

Glute Pilates move

Crunches (or Ab Movement of choice)

Stair stepping

I do 20 reps and 3 to 4 circuits.  I will add dumbells to most of these as I get stronger.   It is so funny because I did not think I was sore this morning until I started walking in from the parking lot to my office (pretty good walk)  and I felt the tightness in my hamstrings and calves.  It felt good though.  My BIL also came up with some physio ball circuit training that I might try this week too.

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