Fat Girl's Glossary

When I first started researching the band and looked on forums and blogs I was really confused by some of the terminology that was used.  I hope this will help clear up any confusion that I might cause on my blog.  If you think this is bad you should hear me in real life.  Even my husband gets lost sometimes!

Lap Band- This is a procedure that limits your stomach's capacity with out cutting or stapling and is reversible.  The lapband is a brand name but is what is used by most when talking about the band.  An example would be Kleenex, that is a name brand that has become the generic term for a facial tissue.  I have a Realize band.  Please visit the OCC link on my home page for further details.

WLS- Weight Loss Surgery

Fill- A fill is when you have saline put in your band to assist with restriction.  It is actually a pretty cool thing to watch.  Think of a blood pressure cuff and how it gets bigger and increases pressure as it has more air put in it. 

Sweet Spot-  Oh, the mythical and fabled sweet spot.  The sweet spot is what every banded person wants.  This is where you have the perfect amount of fill so that you are restricted a perfect amount to assist with the premium healthy weight loss.

Bandster, banded lady, banditos- really any term with band in it that refers to a group of Lap banded people.

BMI- Body Mass Index.  This is a touchy subject for me since mine is higher than my actual age. 

Goal Weight- This is the overall weight that I am working toward.   Mine is 160 lbs and was set by the nutritionist at the OCC.

OCC-  Obesity Control Center is the clinic that I used to get my band.  I can really not say enough great things about Dr. Ortiz and his crew.  Great place.

PB- is a productive burp and is what happens when something doesn't go through and it decides to come back up.  This is usually a sign that I am eating something that my band doesn't like, eating to fast or just not chewing.  It happens but it is not the end of the world.

NSV- Non Scale Victory, I love NSV's!!!!  This is a weight-loss achievement that is not related to the scale.  An example is when I was able to start running or went down a size in pants. 

Twoderville- That is when someone that was above 300lbs enters back into the 200lbs range.  If you have never been that large you will not understand just how much of a change in your mind it is to go from 300 to 299.9.  I have been there and it felt wonderful.

Onederland-  This is the range for 100lbs (normal people range).  I weigh in naked and I guarantee that when I enter onderland there is going to be a naked fat girl dancing around her house so just prepare yourself. 

TOM, or Cycle-  Sorry boys but it is a TMI thing.  This is in reference to my Time of the month.  You know my period. 

Mini Goals and Milestones-  Because I have such a huge amount to lose before I reach my goal weight I mark each 10lbs milestone and I also set about 25lbs mini goals. I will keep up with them on the stats page. 

Fat Girl-  This is my name on my blog.  It is not a bad term but just a shortened name from my blog title.

Mr. Fat Girl- This one makes me laugh and is the blog name for the sexiest man I know.  Um....my husband in case you didn't figure that one out.