Friday, January 14, 2011

- week

It's that time of the week again. I lost this week, which is amazing since I was on my period, had two snow days at home to snack and only worked out twice.  I guess I would be more excited if this was not the same 3 pounds that I keep losing and gaining, over and over again.  This has been heavy on my mind so I called fill centers USA and scheduled a second fill for next weekend.  I am hoping that it will get me closer to that "sweet" spot and assist me in keeping this 3 pounds off for good.  Notice I said assisted, that is because the band is not some magic free pass on weight loss.  I still have to workout and eat right in order for it to work.  The band is a tool just like the dumbbells, physio ball and elliptical machine at my house are tools in my weight loss.  If I use them all correctly I will be able to lose weight, if not I will continue to be the fat girl on the outside.

1.  I am still drinking water but I could probably drink a bit more
2.  I missed a few workouts but I did get to play in the snow for a couple of days!
3.  My husband and I are trying to keep our meals and snacks on the healthy side of things.  ( kids are not thrilled)
4.  I have been able to email and PM a few of my blog followers and they helped motivate me by sharing their stories and letting me know that I am not in this by myself.   That really helped me not feel so down about my plateau.  Thanks!


  1. Thanks for your comment on my last post. I hate to say misery loves company, but it's a saying for a reason. :) However, it would be even better if we could enjoy getting off this plateau together. But don't beat yourself up because you've only had one fill. I think you'll notice a big difference after your second fill. I've also heard that when you have a Realize Band (which is what I have also) it takes a larger fill to really feel the restriction. So, don't panic. You are at the beginning of this and are doing great for just having surger in October.

  2. I have to admit, I have just spent the last 45 min reading your blog. I too am doing the Mexico thing, because my insurance company requires a year of dr assisted diet, gym membership, personal trainer AND a nutritionist. All of that is out of my pocket, so it's more financially feasible for me to just self pay in Mexico and not put my life on hold for an additional year. Were you worried about what you would do for post op complications? You are inspirational and I am glad you have blogged, even when you thought no one was watching, because I have enjoyed reading your posts.

    282 - goal 150
    Dr. Jose Rodriguez - 3/1/11

  3. Thanks Jody! I did worry about post op problems but I researched my clinic and knew that I was in good hands. However, I also know that if something happens I either have to have a trip back to mexico or I will end up having the band removed here if it is a big emergency. After prayer and losts of thought I decided that it was a risk that I had to take. I have a great fill doctor and my PCP is also really helpful so I should be in good hands. Also, the OCC keeps up to date on how I am doing and I have the cell phone of the doctors if I ever have any problems. BTW- our end goals are very close! I hope that you get what you need from this blog and let me know if you need anything or just need someone to chat with that understands what is going on in your head right now.