Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Product of the week- Cover Girl Outlast Lips stain

CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain

I know that this is not a WL product but it is just as helpful for those that are losing weight.  I know that I work out better and I eat better when I feel great about myself and the first step for this is looking great.  I have noticed that the more weight I lose the more time I put into getting ready in the morning and it really does motivate me for the rest of the day.  I have used this product for a couple of years now and I love it!  The stain really does last a long time and it looks great too.  The color I use is teasing blush and it is a little dark at first but I use a shimmer lip gloss over it and it works and you have to love something that lasts for most of the day.  Check them out if you are looking for a new lip color.

Speaking of working I did not forget that today is Workout Wednesday and I am supposed to post an after workout pic of myself so here it is.  Mind you it was windy and I just finished my walk/run/ passout workout.  No teasing!  Oh and that is my daughter in the background asking her daddy why mommy is so red.  Gotta love those little workout helpers!

Monday, March 28, 2011

- week


I took a long, 4 day, weekend for spring break and am back at work and back on the blogs.  I have finally caught up with everyone and I hope I didn't miss anything.  As you can see it was a down week.  I needed it too. 

Week in evaluation:

1.  Water- I did a lot better this week and made it to at least 40 oz a day.  I know that is still 20 to few but it is better than the 12 I was getting.  I am continuing to try and master this water demon.

2.  Exercise-  I only worked out 2 times this past week unless you count gardening for 5 hours (shoveling dirt) and walking around stores all day.  Overall, I was really busy and to be honest, last year my husband would have been the one doing all the heavy yard work and I would have found a bench in the mall and stores to sit in for a break.  I must be doing something right!

3.  Food- I am having some issues.  I seem to be really tight right now and can't handle chicken.  It just comes back up!  This makes me sad because it is a great staple that we use in most of our cooking.  I guess we will just find a back up.  Oh and a little food NSV- I was eating lunch with my husband and I took a bite at the same time that I did my soft stop ( a hiccup and runny nose) and I spit out the bite that I had.  My husband thought that I was hung up so he started rubbing my back but I explained that I hit my soft stop and knew that any bite after that would just over fill me and possibly even hurt me by getting hung.  He was proud of me!

I am still hanging in there and I don't think I am going to make my goal of being in the 280s by my may 3rd birthday but if I am not then I will start evaluating my fill and determine if I need to get an adjustment.   I hope you all had a great weekend!

Monday, March 21, 2011

What 50 pounds looks like

With each milestone I am going to post what it looks like.  I am a few pounds late on this but better late than never.  Here we go.

 1bag of 50 lbs of soil

It is 10 of these 5 pound bags of potatoes

I would have to buy 25 of these 2lb tubs of cookie dough

Most of all it also looks like this


I will get more creative when I hit the 60 lbs mark.  Looking at it this way puta whole new perspective on things.  I don't know how I was even walking around 50 lbs ago because the 50 bags of soil about killed me going to far but I used to live like that everyday.  I am so blessed that God provided me a way and a will to take my body back. 

Friday, March 18, 2011

+ week


At least if I am going to gain it was less than a pound! It is like my husband said, my lose pattern is that I hover around a number + or - a pound or two and then in a few weeks lose 5 pounds.  I can only hope that it never goes up 5 pounds.  I am so loving being under 300lbs.  I mean, I wake up and remind myself that I am in twoderville and still on my way down, slowly but still down.  So I stank it up this week on the rules of being a banded lady but that is ok, there are always going to be weeks when I don't do what I should but i will get over it and try better in the following week.  I have added some pages at the top of the blog to help organize things and I will eventually add before and during pics.  I am also going to do some research this weekend and do a post about what 50 lbs looks like in everyday objects.  It should be a fun post and will help me feel the difference mentally.  Lets get the evaluation over.

1.  Water- so I can honestly say that 4 out of the 7 days this week I drank less than 30 oz of water.  I mean, why should I drink 60oz all its will do is keep be hydrated, help me feel full longer and assist in weight loss.  Why in the world would I want any of that!!!!!!!  I hope you know by know that I am a little sarcastic.  I am not happy about this one and will make it a number one goal next week.

2.  Exercise-  it was one of those weeks were life got in the way everyday.  I had appointments, baseball practice, gymnastics, church, work, cleaning and well, you name it but I was never home and when I could walk at work I would have rain or other stuff get in the way there too.  I have missed it.  I never thought I would say that but i actually missed working out.  I missed feeling the "glow" afterwards and the burn and agony as I push my body harder.  I am going to walk around the ball fields tonight during practice even if I have two little ones strapped to each shoe (it would actually only be 10 lbs off from what I have already lost so it shouldn't hurt right?)

3.  Eating- I am actually going through a really tight spell right now.  Chicken is out of the menu (puke every time) and nothing bready.  I am still working on the whole chewing and eating slower but it takes awhile to break a decades long habit. 

4.  Mentally- I feel great.  I feel pretty again and I feel more like my old self.  It helps that I am starting to tell friends and add on to my support group.  I have given this blog to a few of them and I hope they know how much it boosts me and helps me make it through rough patches just knowing that they care about me enough to support me.  The followers and comments in blog land help me too.  I never knew that you could feel supported from people you have never even met.  We are all in this together and I am so grateful that I started this blog as on outlet.  I know that it is a huge part of my success so far.

Thanks for hanging on this long to my blabbering.  It is supposed to be great this weekend and I plan on doing a lot of yard work.  Good thing shoveling is a good cardio!  Enjoy the spring weather everyone!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Product of the Week

I love these adjustable weights and they go right along with last week's product of the fitness ball.  These weights are adjustable from 5lbs to 55lbs.  It is really handy for those of us that are not able to get to a gym do to money, schedules or kids.  I use a different weight for each of my lifts and all I have to do is push down and slide the button to the amount that I want.  It allows the me to keep my circuit fast and my heart rate high while I am lifting.  Also, the main thing that I love is the they don't take up too much space!  I have all my workout stuff in my living room and these tuck away into the corner and no one notices them.  Like I said these are perfect for a home gym. 

Monday, March 14, 2011

The questions have started

So, I don't know if it took 50lbs for people to notice or if they are just now getting the nerve to start asking questions but in the past week it has become an almost daily thing at work. You know, that question.  The "How are you losing so much weight?" question.  I answer the same way to all of them, "I am exercising and using portion control".  Which is true but I always feel a little bad about omitting the part about the electric shock collar around my stomach that zaps me if I eat the wrong thing or too much food.  I only feel a little bad because as you all know the band only works if you follow the rules and it is only an aid not some magic pill.  My friend at work that knows about the band told me that what I tell the others is still the truth and to not worry about it but my question to myself is when am I going to let the fat out of the bag and tell others about my band.  After thinking about it all weekend I determined that once I am about 100lbs down and know that I am totally rocking the band thing I will feel confident enough to share my secret.  I would just be so mortified if I told them all now, here at the start, and then failed.  I would have to quit my job and move to another country!  Anyways, how do all of you handle the "how are you losing it"question?

Friday, March 11, 2011

- Week


WOW!!!!!! Sorry, I got a bit excited there for a minute.  That's right, ladies and gentleman, my butt cheek got scared and took the plunge into the land of twoderville.  I think I am going to threaten it more often if it continues to show these kinds of results.  I know it is only 5lbs different from last week and my clothes don't fit any different from then either but just being able to say that I am 2 something makes me feel alive again.  I weighed on sunday because my dear husband told me that he thought I was going to dip down and stay there and he was right.  I have weighed everyday since just knowing that I was going to be 300 again.  That is why I have waited all week to let you guys know.  I didn't want to have to retract the announcement and then cry all day over my keyboard (wouldn't have happened).  I have not been in the 200's in 8 years.  I have been so close a few times but never really below.  Now I am 5 lbs below and I have plans to never be in the 3's again.  NEVER!  To celebrate I am going bra shopping because my girls have run for the hills and need to be supported again.  Thanks for all the love and support everyone gives me it really does help in this long and emotional journey. 

~Fat Girl

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Product of the Week- Workout Ball

And no that is not me!  The product for this week (I know I have missed a few weeks) is the Fitness Ball.  It comes by many names but everyone knows what it is.  It is a huge ball that makes working out a bit easier and can spice up your sex life too.

I love my ball.  I have had one for a long time and I use it to lift weights, do crunches, throw at my kids, and I love to stretch my back out on it when it hurts.  As I mentioned before you can also use it for some pretty fun positions for your afternoon delight times.  My husband has even started to use my ball when he is lifting weights because it utilizes your core muscles while you are lifting.  If you do not own one of these I would highly recommend it.  You can get them for less than 20 bucks from just about any store.  Have fun!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

And I Was Running!

I hope you all heard the Forrest Gump voice when you read the title cause that is what it sounded like in my head when I started running last night!  The family met me at a local trail for our monday night walk.  I had mentioned to Mr. Fat Girl that I had a goal to be a runner in a year and after doing some research I learned that the best way to start is by walking and running alternatively.  You can go from one post to another or pick other landmarks or times to tell you when to switch from one to another.  It also said that you needed to run only as fast as you could go at the time even if it is a slow run.  I was set.  Shoes tied and great looking man and three knobby kneed kids at my side.  I was going to run. 

We walked for a bit and then I announced that we would run from the post to the bench (I know this means nothing in terms to ya'll but it is about a residential block) and we took off.  Of course the 3, 5 and 9 year old shot off like rockets and even came back to run it with me but I kept on going and I made it.  You know what?   I really liked it and it did not hurt at all.  We walked until the next post and, well, you know the rest, we kept the pattern until the reached the end and went home.  The kids had a lot of fun and I could tell that I was holding my husband back but like the great man he is he stayed by my side.  He would ask about my knees and ankles after each run and kept telling me how proud he was of my progress.  I RAN!  Not fast and not long but I know I will be able to keep building on it until one day I am able to run instead of walk the trail. 

It is amazing how much easier it is to do everyday things now that I have lost 50lbs.  I was even wearing some 4 inch pumps the other day and realized when I got home that my feet did not hurt.  I can't wait to see how each 10 pounds lose feels on my body.  BTW, I took some body shots to share on friday.

~Fat Girl

Monday, March 7, 2011

Clean Plate Mentality

How many times can you remember a grown up telling you to eat everything on your plate, or not to waste food?  I heard it a lot and I think it sunk in a bit too much.  Funny thing is that my husband has the same problem.  It is like you are not allowed to throw food away or waste anything.  This is why if I hit my soft stop with just a few bites left I find it hard to not finish.   That has stopped (well, successful for a couple of days so far).  I am OK with just tossing the leftover bites in the trash or letting the dog eat it.  That is mainly because I don't want to stretch the pouch and to be honest, I don't like  being uncomfortable. 

So that brings me to my question.  Should we make kids finish all the food on the plate?  I have three kids and we eat as a family.  I can tell when they are full and when they just don't like what we have made.  If it is the "this is icky" kind of night they know that they don't have to finish the food but they won't get anything else.  I guess I just want to make sure that my kids learn when to stop because they are satisfied and not to keep eating just because it is there.  Tricky thing, raising kids. 

We have also started two family fitness nights a week now that it is warmer.  We are all going for a family walk or playing an outdoor sport to help mom and dad get fit.  I just want to make sure that they see that working out is great and not a horrible task (although sometimes it is).  I want my kids to grow up in a healthy family and not in a fat family.  I want them to not know what it is like to be the fat kids and to be made fun of for the way you look.  I guess I am trying to say that I am making an effort to teach my children while they are young how to take care of the bodies that God gave them.   How do you guys do family fitness days?

Oh, BTW, I have a surprise on Friday!!!!!  (hint- I weighed in way early because of temptation!)

Friday, March 4, 2011

- week


I am once again on the edge of 300lbs I keep peeking over and I guess my body is afraid to take the plunge into Two-derville, the elusive land of 200's, I can't blame it because it has been a long time since we traveled in that land.  However, I don't care if I have to kick box or zumba dance it the rest of the way past the edge my body is going and I am tired of resting in the land of the 300s.  Maybe if I cut off a butt cheek that would scare the rest of the fat into submission.......hmmmmm..........but then I would be a one cheek wonder.

Week in evaluation:

1.  Did not work out as much as I should have do to some crazy busy nights but I did go on a great walk with the family and plan on doing the same tonight.

2.  I am still having issues with water intake.....maybe if I just get an IV I will be able to keep it up.

3.  Blog friends - The comments you guys leave really do help me feel better and connected to a support group thanks for all of your words and support.  If I am not following you please leave your link for me. 

Alright, If I am not cruising down the road in the land of Two-derville by next week I will revisit the idea to cut off a butt cheek.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spring is in the air........

.............  and with it comes girl scout cookies, easter candy, birthday cakes, cook outs and lots of other devilish temptations.  I won't lie I have dabbled in the land of cookies but my trick is to separate them out into packets (using press n seal) of 2-3 cookies and then put them in the freezer.  It really does help because if you notice you never enjoy the whole sleeve of cookies the same way that you cherish the moments with the first couple.  It took me a little bit to realize that the "happiness" factor while eating myself wore off and when I kept eating it was just to be eating.  When I say a bit I mean like years!  Having the band has certainly helped me realize this epiphany and has started to change my views on food.  Yes, food is still great and nice to enjoy but just like a great lover you should never take it for granted.  Enjoy your food fellow bandsters and when you notice that you are no longer cherishing the taste but just moving your arm in an up and down motion from plate to face it is time to stop.