Friday, January 7, 2011

+ Week

Yeah, I gained this week.  I honestly don't even know why either.  I have some ideas but nothing worth 3 pounds!  I am very discouraged and feel a lot of negative emotions this morning.  I am giving myself today only to feel this way and then I will move on.  I would feel better if I had really messed up this week and had something to that told me why it happened.  I would love to get off this roller coaster of 3 pounds I keep losing and gaining.  I would love some positive comments if anyone is out there and would love to cheer me up.

Weeks Evaluation

1.  I started my exercise back up.  I got out of the routine during the 4 weeks after surgery and then that feel on the holidays so I kept making excuses (lame I know) but now I am back and have added weights to my program.  My 9 year old is working out with me too, it makes it so much more fun to have him or my husband beside me.

2.  Water intake- Almost up to the required amount.  I am shy about 10 oz from what I need but overall I am doing pretty well on this.  Nothing like having to get an IV of fluids to get you motivated to stay hydrated!

3.  Carbs- This is where things might be off.  After the band I decided that I would not be carb free anymore but would come up with a life eating plan that would limit them and that I could stick too long term.  I have taken bread out (I have a grilled cheese on wheat once in awhile) it doesn't set well and it is not worth the pain but I am still eating pasta and potatoes.  However, I eat smaller portions of both of these things.  In fact I ate less of them this week than on weeks that I have lost. 

Alright, I am done.  I will now log off and bask in my pity for the next 8 hours until I go home and do my lower body work out.  On the plus side, my arms were only a little sore after my upper body day!

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