Thursday, January 20, 2011


It is time to take my own advice and look past the three pounds that keep kicking my butt and look at the Non Scale Victories that I have had recently. 

1.  I rocked in kickboxing last night.   I am a leader in my church for all young women age 12-18 and they are getting together with another unit every Wednesday for an hour before church to work out.  There is an instructor and everything.  I don't want to brag but this fat girl outlasted several of those young women!  I won't lie there were some touch and go moments that I thought I would have to punch myself in the face but I pushed past it and made it to the end.  It was great.  I do mostly elliptical, stair stepping and weight training so it was a great change of workout.  I can't wait for next week......BTW, I was not sore this morning which means my NSV is that my body is getting used to pushing itself hard!!!!!

2.  This may be TMI but all of my under garments are a bit large now.  My underwear falls off while walking and is starting to become a problem.  I will be getting new ones this weekend.  It is so funny to be walking down the hall and feel them start to slip and have to go back to my office to fix the problem......lucky for me it is not the pants too!

3.  This is the biggest one for me.  I am becoming comfortable enough with my body and my band that I am starting to be more open with others.  This might sound silly to those of you that are brave enough to tell the world about your band but I am not one of those people.  I kept it on a need to know basis for the past few months and have started telling those that I want to be in my support group.  It was hard but well worth it.  I sent one of my dearest friends an email last night with my blog link and she has been so supportive in her words that I know she is a blessing from God to give me the strength to trust others.  I am starting to see a pattern in telling others.  They don't make fun of me or look down at me.  Why in the world did I think that I was still in elementary school!?!?!  I hope that I can continue to start being open with others I know it will be a bit before I just yell it from the roof tops but I am going to start telling those that I know about the band and hopefully help educate people on what it is and that it is not an easy way out of being fat. 

These are my most recent NSVs and I have to say they make that 3 pounds a little trivial.  I hope I remember that when I weigh in tomorrow!

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  1. 1. Isn't is such a great feeling to be able to have in intense workout and not be sore the next day? That is my goal in the next coming weeks. I just had my surgery about a week ago but I am already up and exercising (walking for now) because I want to ease into my intense workouts and not be sore.
    2. That's happening to me too! haha. We can be in the droopy pants club together.
    3. It's so great that you have so much support! I have a couple of family members who don't support my decision but I have to remember that ultimately I did this for ME! Remind yourself of that if you ever encounter anyone who has a negative attitude towards your band.
    Here's some skinny vibes for those pesky 3 lbs!!

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