Monday, December 17, 2012

100 Lbs Lost and the past year of my life

I have not posted in almost a year but that does not mean I fell off the band wagon or anything like that.  I have just been in a whirlwind of crazy in the 2011 year and I am hoping that I can get things settled enough to continue the mission of this blog on keeping people updated on my progress and any complications that I might have as well as the blessings of my band.  

As you can see from the title I have passed the 100 pounds lost mark.  This took 2 years and was such a wonderful milestone to hit.   For those of you that have read past posts you know that I hover at certain weights for a couple of months and then will drop 5-10 pounds and then hover some more.   I hovered at the 90-95 pound range for like 3 months and it was getting old.  Then I started getting sick and couldn't keep anything down and started having acid problems.   Well, my mind went straight to a band slippage and I was terrified that I was going to have the band removed.   During this time I kept getting closer and closer to the 100 mark and finally hit it.  I also went to the doctor and was told I had gallstones.   It turns out that a high weight loss can create gallstones and the symptoms feel like a slipped band too.  I am now stone free and 100 pounds lighter.  I added the bit about the gallstones just incase anyone else out there is having this issue and want answers.  It hurt in my chest and right shoulder blade and I had huge reflux issues.  Anything I ate or drank came back up within minutes of ingesting it.   Go to a Doctor and get help if you have these symptoms.  Better safe than sorry.

Now that I have gotten the good news out of the way I will update on the past year.  I am still sucking it up on the fitness side of things.  I was doing the couch to 5k late spring and then quit because of rain and heat.  you know what happens after that....... lose the habit and desire to start back up.   To help with this my husband and I have decided to train for the Color Run in our area next fall and will train all year for it.  We are pretty excited and hopefully working as a couple will help push those cobwebs out and get me moving again.  I am now off of all medications and feel great.   Still being 247 pounds means that I am still obese but I am no longer morbidly obese.  That was a big deal for me.  I am now "just Fat" and not "crap, I am going to die" Fat.  I finally got rid of the last of my pre surgery pants and I am now listening to my husband and replacing any other clothes that I wore 100 pounds ago.   He says I need to accept that I no longer fit them and move on.  It is harder to do that mentally than I thought it would be.  I still worry about if I will fit in a seat or if something will break if I step on it.   I still feel that 100 pounds mentally.  I am getting better and have even started letting people take pics of me instead of hiding or making faces so that it is my humur they laugh at and not my fat. 

I hope that everyone is still working hard on goals and that you forgive me for my silence.  I promise to update more than once a year. 

Fat Girl.

Friday, February 24, 2012

- week


I have finally actually hit the 80 lbs loss mark!   I have been hovering around it for two months and I finally passed over.  Now knowing my body I might play footsie for a few more months but still I made it this far!  I am very excited and hope that I can continue this .5-1lbs weekly loss.  

So, I started taking ambien a few weeks ago because I just couldn't continue using Nyquil and simply sleep to try and knock myself out.  I was worried at first that I would start sleep eating like others on the medicine do but I guess taht since I am so careful during the day that deep inside my body knows that with the band I can't eat after a certain time.  Either that or it is the fact that my husband does most of the cooking and I am lazy in my sleep.  Anyways, since there is a proven sleep action thing with ambien I have been thinking of my eliptical each night before I nod off to dreamland in hopes that I could start doing my workouts in my sleep.  No such luck!!!!!! It seems that my body really is lazy while sleeping and refuses to suck it up and be the grown up in this team.  Oh well!!!!

Week in evaluation:
food:  Pretty good but could be way better  (I'm looking at you oreos!)
Water:  Really great!
Workouts:  TOM was my excuse this time. 
Mental:  I am still in a good place right now but I get frustrated sometimes because we are so busy and I can't just eat something quick or grab a sandwich so I get upset and then that makes it really hard to eat.

Friday, February 17, 2012

- Week


I am so happy to be back where I was before my Grandma died in december.  I wasn't even stress eating in the way that I did before my band.  Since my band I have noticed a different kind of stress eating.  When I get stressed out my band gets really tight and I can't eat anything so what do I turn to?  That's right, sliders.  However, instead of using broths, soups and protien shakes to feed my stressed out body I use ice cream, chips and anthing else that will slide right by.  It is so funny how I keep learning things even after a year.  The fat girl in me has adapted and mutated to fit it's current conditions!  I guess I need to watch her so she doesn't take over again. 

Friday, January 27, 2012

- week


I am done this week and back to what I was before the holidays. We have still not put or elliptical machine back up from christmas but all the running around I have been doing seems to be helping.  I am trying to be more observant about what is going in my mouth from liquid to solids and trying to keep it all on the up and up.  I am hoping that I can continue making the positive changes needed to continue in my loss and I know that it starts with the little things first.

Food- pretty good considuring I am on my period and only want to eat sliders
Water- I am back up to 4-5 glasses a day from like 1 so again small changes working back up to the 8.
Meds- all there all taken
Workouts- sigh, this is where I am a loser.  I only did one work out this week but it has also been a really bad period. 
Mental- doing pretty well right now.  Getting back into the non holiday groove and I am starting to actually try and wear clothes that fit instead of my old too big clothes.  So hard to kick that comfort of baggy non clingy clothes.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Fitness Pal

I have a my fitness pal account and I hope that I keep up with it.  I have tried calorie counting websites before and just get so overwhelmed with the constant upkeep that I usually stop.  I hope that I can keep it up though.  At least just for tracking weight and excersise if nothing else.  I know I gotta do something to get off the plateau.  Also, I am going to add another ticker up top for my count down to my 100 mark!

Friday, January 13, 2012

+ weeks


Sigh, well it has been an off 3 weeks.  We have had 2 dealths in our extended family, I had strep and my husband now has staph in his leg and can barely walk.  This all adds up to stress, no excersize and eating slider foods that are fast and easy to cook (or not cook).  I gained most of the 5 pounds during the week that I had strep.  I don't know if it was the antibiotics, the lots of coughdrops and nyquil or all of the above.  Or only being able to eat cold smooth things for a few days.  Oh well.  I am hoping that once my husband gets well enough we can get my elliptical back into place (too heavy to move on my own) so that I can start working on my 2012 goal.

Week in evaluation:
Food: not good but not bad. 
Water: Bad.  I need to drink more
Meds:  All taken plus a few more
Mental:  I need to find out why I am so stressed out all the time and a way to fix that.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I really don't do new year's resolutions because they always seem to be doomed to failure but I do make yearly goals that I think about and know that they are attainable and make smaller goals to help keep me on path.  So here are my goals for this year.  Well, my weight loss goals anyways. 

1.  Post at least once a week on my blog and comment more on the ones I follow.  This is one that was sacrificed for time management reasons and I keep reading everyones posts but don't have time to comment or post my own.  I have noticed that when I made that time cut my motivation dropped too. 

2.  Reach my 100lbs lost goal.  I am two pounds from 80 now and so I am hoping that 22 lbs in 12 months is not too much to ask for but you never know.  I have my game plan set and my husband is still pushing me along so I am hoping to keep 2+ pounds a month loss.  I know that doesn't seem like much but those with PCOS know that every pound seems to take forever!

3.  Finish the couch to 5K program.  This is the big one.  I am still on week one for heavens sake!  I am still getting my knees and body acclaimated to running with this amount of fat on it.  For others the program is 9 weeks for me it will be much longer  but it is one that I can set mini goals and continue to work towards. 

4.  Be more open about my surgery.  I am still really private about my surgery to others but as the weight comes off and I am more comfortable with my results I am talking to people that I think are truely interested in my loss.  I still pish posh those that are just nosey but I am hoping that I can start helping others with wieght loss and knowing that they are not alone. 

5.  Stop seeing myself as a 350lbs woman.  Ok, so this one is a bit resolutionish but it really is an important goal for me.  I still see myself at my starting weight.  I don't try new things often and still check chairs to see if they can handle my butt.  It upsets my husband that I have not changed this point of view yet but I had it for 8 years so it is not like it will just go away.  I am going to try and work on this new perspective. 

I am looking forward to being held accountable to my new goals and will keep you updated.  I will also start commenting more on all of your posts too.