Monday, November 7, 2011

So glad it is november

October was a rough month for me.  I was put back on some medication for hormones and it threw me into a whirlwind of hormonal chaos.  I ended october mentally and emotionally drained.  I am feeling much better since my period and I think (hope) I am adjusting to the new levels of hormones.  Really it is just birth control pills but the doctor did warn me that the ones I am taking mess people up.  I didn't believe him but, crap, I will listen next time.  I was so messed up I stopped working out and that did not help my mood issues.  I talked to my husband and he is going to help with my to do lists so that I get more personal time and this includes at least 30 minutes a day for working out.  Whether it is soothing like yoga or cuss inducing like cardio either way it gives my brain a moment to shut off and focus on me. 

I do want to let you guys know that I had the biggest NSV this past month and ironically it happened on my one year bandiversary.  My husband came home and saw me walking around in some old jeans (size 28) and told me to hop in the car we were going jean shopping.  I didn't argue but when we got in the car I asked what brought that on and he told me I looked like MC hammer with the crotch of my pants at me knees!  I laughed so hard and even did the hammer dance for him. (he almost peed himself).  So off to the store we went.  I figured since the 28's stayed on my hip as long as I didn't make any sudden movements that I would try a 26 ( I knew I was a 24 but jeans always fit weird on me since I am bottom heavy) but they were too big so I got a 24 and they were too big.  I very cautiously asked Mike to get me a 22, I thought that I was crazy to even think I was now a 22 but he had not one doubt and went and got the size I needed.  I put them on and shrieked a bit (he laughed when he heard that) and was shocked that I am in a size 22.  Yeah, that is right, I am now in a size 22 down from a 30/32 a year ago.  I was so thrilled I picked up a skirt too.  I love NSV's!!!!!!!!