Monday, March 28, 2011

- week


I took a long, 4 day, weekend for spring break and am back at work and back on the blogs.  I have finally caught up with everyone and I hope I didn't miss anything.  As you can see it was a down week.  I needed it too. 

Week in evaluation:

1.  Water- I did a lot better this week and made it to at least 40 oz a day.  I know that is still 20 to few but it is better than the 12 I was getting.  I am continuing to try and master this water demon.

2.  Exercise-  I only worked out 2 times this past week unless you count gardening for 5 hours (shoveling dirt) and walking around stores all day.  Overall, I was really busy and to be honest, last year my husband would have been the one doing all the heavy yard work and I would have found a bench in the mall and stores to sit in for a break.  I must be doing something right!

3.  Food- I am having some issues.  I seem to be really tight right now and can't handle chicken.  It just comes back up!  This makes me sad because it is a great staple that we use in most of our cooking.  I guess we will just find a back up.  Oh and a little food NSV- I was eating lunch with my husband and I took a bite at the same time that I did my soft stop ( a hiccup and runny nose) and I spit out the bite that I had.  My husband thought that I was hung up so he started rubbing my back but I explained that I hit my soft stop and knew that any bite after that would just over fill me and possibly even hurt me by getting hung.  He was proud of me!

I am still hanging in there and I don't think I am going to make my goal of being in the 280s by my may 3rd birthday but if I am not then I will start evaluating my fill and determine if I need to get an adjustment.   I hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. 5 hours of shoveling dirt SO does count!! Good for you recognizing your soft stop and putting the fork down. I so have to learn to do that. Great NSV!!

    Oh I just started following you by the way.

  2. Of course we count gardening... it's strenuous work!

    And you'll be in the 280's by this time next month at the latest! :) You're doing great, ladybug.

  3. Well, I was eating so much healthier before spring break! Hello! Sounds like you are doing great. I am still so happy for you. I look forward to following your progress every week.

  4. I love some good analysis!! You are doing great, my friend!

  5. Your NSV this week is HUGE!!!! So proud of you!