Friday, March 18, 2011

+ week


At least if I am going to gain it was less than a pound! It is like my husband said, my lose pattern is that I hover around a number + or - a pound or two and then in a few weeks lose 5 pounds.  I can only hope that it never goes up 5 pounds.  I am so loving being under 300lbs.  I mean, I wake up and remind myself that I am in twoderville and still on my way down, slowly but still down.  So I stank it up this week on the rules of being a banded lady but that is ok, there are always going to be weeks when I don't do what I should but i will get over it and try better in the following week.  I have added some pages at the top of the blog to help organize things and I will eventually add before and during pics.  I am also going to do some research this weekend and do a post about what 50 lbs looks like in everyday objects.  It should be a fun post and will help me feel the difference mentally.  Lets get the evaluation over.

1.  Water- so I can honestly say that 4 out of the 7 days this week I drank less than 30 oz of water.  I mean, why should I drink 60oz all its will do is keep be hydrated, help me feel full longer and assist in weight loss.  Why in the world would I want any of that!!!!!!!  I hope you know by know that I am a little sarcastic.  I am not happy about this one and will make it a number one goal next week.

2.  Exercise-  it was one of those weeks were life got in the way everyday.  I had appointments, baseball practice, gymnastics, church, work, cleaning and well, you name it but I was never home and when I could walk at work I would have rain or other stuff get in the way there too.  I have missed it.  I never thought I would say that but i actually missed working out.  I missed feeling the "glow" afterwards and the burn and agony as I push my body harder.  I am going to walk around the ball fields tonight during practice even if I have two little ones strapped to each shoe (it would actually only be 10 lbs off from what I have already lost so it shouldn't hurt right?)

3.  Eating- I am actually going through a really tight spell right now.  Chicken is out of the menu (puke every time) and nothing bready.  I am still working on the whole chewing and eating slower but it takes awhile to break a decades long habit. 

4.  Mentally- I feel great.  I feel pretty again and I feel more like my old self.  It helps that I am starting to tell friends and add on to my support group.  I have given this blog to a few of them and I hope they know how much it boosts me and helps me make it through rough patches just knowing that they care about me enough to support me.  The followers and comments in blog land help me too.  I never knew that you could feel supported from people you have never even met.  We are all in this together and I am so grateful that I started this blog as on outlet.  I know that it is a huge part of my success so far.

Thanks for hanging on this long to my blabbering.  It is supposed to be great this weekend and I plan on doing a lot of yard work.  Good thing shoveling is a good cardio!  Enjoy the spring weather everyone!


  1. hee hee to #1. :) Sarcasm is the best.

  2. Great job. I like reading your weekly logs! I think my switch flipped. Well, I know it did. I will have to email you about it, I just never have time or concentration to sit and compose a decent email.

  3. Kara- I am glad that your switch flipped! I know that it has been weighing on you for awhile and I will keep you in my thoughts.