Monday, March 7, 2011

Clean Plate Mentality

How many times can you remember a grown up telling you to eat everything on your plate, or not to waste food?  I heard it a lot and I think it sunk in a bit too much.  Funny thing is that my husband has the same problem.  It is like you are not allowed to throw food away or waste anything.  This is why if I hit my soft stop with just a few bites left I find it hard to not finish.   That has stopped (well, successful for a couple of days so far).  I am OK with just tossing the leftover bites in the trash or letting the dog eat it.  That is mainly because I don't want to stretch the pouch and to be honest, I don't like  being uncomfortable. 

So that brings me to my question.  Should we make kids finish all the food on the plate?  I have three kids and we eat as a family.  I can tell when they are full and when they just don't like what we have made.  If it is the "this is icky" kind of night they know that they don't have to finish the food but they won't get anything else.  I guess I just want to make sure that my kids learn when to stop because they are satisfied and not to keep eating just because it is there.  Tricky thing, raising kids. 

We have also started two family fitness nights a week now that it is warmer.  We are all going for a family walk or playing an outdoor sport to help mom and dad get fit.  I just want to make sure that they see that working out is great and not a horrible task (although sometimes it is).  I want my kids to grow up in a healthy family and not in a fat family.  I want them to not know what it is like to be the fat kids and to be made fun of for the way you look.  I guess I am trying to say that I am making an effort to teach my children while they are young how to take care of the bodies that God gave them.   How do you guys do family fitness days?

Oh, BTW, I have a surprise on Friday!!!!!  (hint- I weighed in way early because of temptation!)


  1. My husband and I both have the clean plate mentality, too. Or rather, did. We have vowed we will never say that to our kids. Like you said, you know when they are full and when they are just being picky. I will never utter the words "If you don't clean your plate, you don't get desert", either.

  2. I think a lot of us had that growing up. I dont think all the health advice was alive back then though. You are smart in not passing that along to your kids. I am trying to learn how to eat only when I am really, truly hungry. Keep up the good work!

  3. I've tried really hard to get that mentality.

    It's tricky trying to figure out the right way to handle that with kids. I worry about that when we start a family.

    I think the active nights are a really good idea. I like that!

  4. If I could do it all over again, I would let my kids stop eating when they are full. Thankfully, none of them have a weight problem, but I think it is good practice for them as they get older. Family active nights are a wonderful idea!

  5. I definitely have that mentality, but I've tried NOT to teach it to my kids. We live with my parents and they try to teach them the clean your plate thing and I tell the kiddos not to worry about it. They know when they're not hungry anymore!

    I think that's the hardest thing to overcome. Good for you for teaching your kids differently! And for getting them out of the house, I try to do that as often as I can. :)

  6. Love the family fitness night!

    I have two daughters myself. I insist they take a "no thank you bite" if they don't like what I've fixed. I figure that I NEVER eat food I don't like, so why would I make them? If they try it and still don't care for it, my job is done. And they haven't starved yet so we're doing pretty well ~ lol!

  7. I have that problem! I have a lot of struggles and I am really struggling with sweets right now, and letting myself give in every single time. Dang! Got to do better!

  8. My grandmother would tell me to clean my plate, my parents never did. We are going to the gym together as a family and having a blast. Looking forward to doing more outside once the weather gets warmer.