Friday, October 1, 2010

Reset my goals

Since my "cycle" set me back on my mini goals I had to reset them so that they were not impossible to reach.  It was comforting that my nutritionist told me it is normal for people to stop losing weight around their period and it was frustrating that the diet made my period a week late and stretched out.  OH well!!!!  I am still trying for 5 pounds a week but I know that I am more than likely not going to make the 40 pounds goal that was given to me.  I will probably get to 30-35 if I keep making my mini goals.  Thanks to the stomach flu I was able to make the goal this week.  I lost a little over 5 pounds and the bonus was that I was able to put on my wedding ring.  I had to take it off about 3 months ago because it was too tight and so it felt great to put it back on.  I have also lost 3 inches on my hips and 2 on my waist.  Slow but steady!  I have still not cheated on my plan and have adjusted to the loss of some pretty great food but there are still days when I just feel hungry all day!  I am sure those will get better with time too.

After taking a little over a week off from exercise for my period and my stomach bug I was nervous about getting started back up.  I was afraid I would be right back at square one.  I was a little sore but did not have to lower my intensity level or my time so it was great.  I have also learned to use it as my quiet mind time.  I don't think about anything but breathing and what I am doing.  Just me and my fat moving and hopefully working hard.  I remember a few years ago when brother in law taught me how to lift weights.  I loved it.  In fact I miss it.  I felt so powerful and it is odd but I even felt pretty doing it.  Like I was a superhero.  I know, crazy right?  Sadly I do not have weights in my home and don't even have the space for them but maybe eventually I will have a bit more time (darn football season) to work out and be able to go to the community center. 

Here is a sample of my daily intake and activity log:

Water: 96 oz
Breakfast: Atkins shake
Lunch: Salad
Snack: hand full of nuts
Dinner: Chicken, green beans
Meds: metformin,
            400 mcg CP
Activity: 30 Minutes swimming
                15 minutes elliptical
Notes: Had a great day and it felt great to be in the pool again.  I have lost 21 pounds in 4 weeks!

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