Monday, October 18, 2010

30 pounds!

I made it!  I lost 30 pounds and before the surgery!  I did not think I would make it but somehow I lost 6 pounds in the past 6 days and could not be happier.  I feel like I should do an Oscar Award speech or something I am so proud of myself.  It was not easy and I know that I will have to continue to make choices and work hard but I am so excited for this week.  My surgery is on friday and I fly out to mexico on thursday morning.  We are also using this as a holiday away from the kids and it will be nice to be on a trip with just the two of us.  Even if I am going to be drinking clear liquids for most of it!  I have told the bank, phone company and everyone else that needs to know when and where we will be and have got the kids teachers informed and my parents will be watching them for us.  Our passports are packed, my paperwork complete and everything is paid for now what is going to keep me busy over the next 3 days.  My husband told me that when I start freaking out to hop on the elliptical machine for abuot 5 minutes and it will take my mind off of it.  It does help and the bonus is the extra workout!  I am starting to get really excited and a bit nervous too.  My sister in law let me feel her port and answered so many questions this weekend (as well as bringing clothes that are now too big for her) and it is amazing how much it calmed my nerves.  I felt so much less stress after visiting with her and know that I will be ok.  This is a great thing that is happening and I hope that I can make the most of it.

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