Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The State Fair

So, we had a state fair this weekend and I just have to say that I love fair foods.  My favorite is the foot long corn dog or perhaps the fried funnel cake.  I love these foods but I also love myself and made the choice before we even made it to the fair that I would not partake of any off diet foods.  This was a great thing.  I knew in advance what I would (turkey leg) and would not (everything else) eat while at the fair and even snuck in some of my own snacks.  The turkey leg stretched over the whole day and was shared by all and was enough of a "Fair" food that I did not feel like I was missing out.  I was also able to keep up my water intake, which was good because it was over 90 degrees outside and sunny.  Overall, I have to say that I am proud of this fat girl and I had a great time without the fried foods.

I was also proud of something else, I was able to walk around the fair and not get really tired.  Now, it was really hot and so I took a few sit in the shade breaks with the kids but I held up okay for the 9 hours we were there.  I also learned that a low calorie diet and the hot sun do not mix well and got a bit dizzy at one point.  That is when my hubby decided it was time to eat lunch and sit under a tent for a bit.  He is always watching out for me and is a wonderful man!  The whole time the kids were riding rides with my husband I kept remembering that this is my last year to not ride, that I will be able to get on with everyone else next year.  It was a great feeling.  It makes me so happy that I am being able to start changing my life and I hope that I don't fail. 

Speaking of my life plan, I am 10 days away from my surgery and feel like a little kids waiting for summer vacation.  I am so excited but I am also nervous, stressed and a bit scared.  I am stressed because I keep yoyoing between 3 pounds even though I have yet to cheat and nervous and scared because this is a big thing.  I am taking a big chance that this lap-band will assist me where everything else has failed.  On a side note I have not been sleeping so great because of this and find myself thinking about the surgery and trip at the wee morning hours.  I hope the next week flies by and takes about 7 more pounds with it. 

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