Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hermine Go Away!

So, normally I walk during my lunch but all of this rain is throwing me off. I did walk yesterday but almost died.  It was only drizzling so I figured I wouldn't melt.  I was wrong.  The humidity was so high that I felt like I was breathing in weights!  It was so heavy that I just had to stop every once in awhile to take some deep breaths and get air in me.  It was not fun!  I will try and walk in the building today instead of outside (a lot of rain today) but I know that I am going to get bored with walking the same hallway over and over again.  So not looking forward to it.  On the plus side I switched to 3 shakes a day with green veggies and it helped me get over that 4 day lull in weight loss.  I lost a pound yesterday and bringing me down to 338.  So ten pounds gon and 30 more to go in the next 7 weeks.  I hope I can do this! 

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