Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First weekend

Well, I guess I survived the first weekend of the new plan.  That is always the hardest for me because that is when I am home more and around tempting foods too.  This weekend was no different.  Since it was labor day weekend we had a family cookout and we also had a football game too.  I didn't cheat but I sure was crabby about it.  I snapped at my husband and I think I might have even licked a store if it meant I could taste the ice cream on the inside.  I did discover that if I blend my atkins shake with ice it is pretty close to ice cream and that saved the weekend. 

I also told more of our family about my plans to have the lab band done.  My sister in law was so excited for me and it touched my heart that she is being so supportive of this.  I was worried that  people would judge or make comments but it seems that I was wrong.  Everyone that I have told has been helpful and supportive.  I guess I have a larger support group than I realized. 

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