Friday, September 16, 2011

- Week


Crap, yeah, I will take a pound!  So glad to finally get the number moving again.  I hate plateaus but they have been so much a part of this journey.  I guess I am in the mid west or something.  This week really has been great for me on all levels.

Week in evaluation
Food- last week of Adkins and it went well.  It did just what I needed it to which was to remind me of what I need to be eating and to help get moving.  I am not snacking anymore and am taking the time I need,  The next step in my back to basics plan is to start introducing carbs back in responsibly in a good bandster way.

Water- still chugging and peeing at alarming rates

Workouts- I am now running 5 out of the 8 minute runs in week one of C25K and next week plan to make it 6 out of 8.  Slowly I will be running more.  I really hate it while I am running but after I really love it.  I know crazy but that is me.  I also ordered a fat girls Pilates dvd and my love said he would do it with me so I wouldn't feel like I was wasting us time.  I know he is the best man for me!

Mentally- again great.  I am starting to realize I am not as fat as I was.  My husband pulled up my Stats page and we compared my measurements now and then and weight and it is amazing.  I actually don't worry about sitting in a chair and it breaking anymore (well now I will just because I cursed myself) I am also wearing sexy shoes again and dare I say.....Feel sexy when I where them, not like miss piggy squished in a pair of shoes but like Me rocking some screw me pumps!

I hope that all of you are feeling proud and great about the progress you have made so far.  Every pound is a pound no matter how slow or long it took to go away and we should celebrate that.  Thanks again you guys for all the comments and support I truly could not be doing this without you all!


  1. So very proud of your C25K progress!!! Also, I get that your NSVs are amazing too. I wore a pair of sexy shoes on my cruise and felt amazing wearing them, they weren't the 3 - 5" heels that people are wearing these days, but because hubby is just .5" taller than me, I really cannot wear high heels. But I still felt beautiful and sexy in them. Go you!! So proud of you.

  2. You're absolutely right that every pound counts because it adds up to big losses! You're doing great...keep it up!

  3. Woo Hoo- You are doing so great. I am so proud of you on the C25K. And losing another pound.
    70 pounds gone forever. Amazing.

  4. Every blessed pound that is lost is a wonderful thing!! I love this post - your attitude, your amazing work!!

  5. Awesome post, love the attitude! :)

  6. You don't have email replys turned on so I had to come to your blog and reply.

    "I know right??? I don't think I'll ever LOVE exercise, but I know it's important so I make sure to get it done each day. So proud of your weight loss girl...DAMN!! Keep rockin it!"

  7. New follower..... That's amazing, every pound counts it means one step closer to Onederland!!!! keep going your doing great :)