Thursday, September 29, 2011

Where is our celebrity advocate?

I really want to know the answer to my question.  Where are all the advocates for fat people?  There is an advocate for almost everyone out there but overweight people.  Oh, there are plenty of advocates telling us we are fat and need to loose weight, which is fine, but no one is taking a stand against bullies.  This has always been a hot topic for me since I have been overweight most of my life but it has just kept building in me as I see more and more celebrities telling us we can't call this person this or that person that but no one is saying stop hurting fat people.  It seems that everyone is caught up on PC but not all groups deserve this right. 

The thing that broke my back happened in the waiting room of my doctors office yesterday.  I was sitting there waiting  to be seen and a young lady, about 18 years old, came in and sat down across from me.  I looked at her and read her shirt which said "you look fat when you cry".  I am used to this sort of thing and never say anything but as I kept waiting to be called it just kept building in me.  Is it not all over the news to love each other and to not put negative things out that could offend others?  Sure there is but only if you are not fat.  I finally could not keep quiet any longer  and decided to politely let this young lady know how her shirt made me feel.  Who knows, maybe she is clueless and just didn't realize that it could be taken offensively.  SO I asked her if I could ask her a question and that I did not wish to offend her.  She said sure and so I asked her why she chose to wear a shirt that basically says fat people are ugly.  She looked at me and said that she wore it because it was funny and she bought it from a comedian that she has seen and loves that joke.  I asked her if she would wear that shirt if it said "you look gay/ black, Asian/ big eared...etc.... when you cry"  She quickly responded that she would not ever wear that because it would be rude.  I then asked her if she did not think it was offensive to overweight people like myself.  She again just said that she found it funny.  So I then asked her if she felt that wearing things that hurt others is ok as long as it is funny.  She said no but continued to back up that it was funny and part of an act that she liked.  My name was then called and I left her to her indeed clueless thoughts.

I have several overweight nieces and nephews that are tormented at school by people like this that believe that it is ok to make fun of them because it is funny.  Why?  Why is it ok and considered funny for fat kids but not for others to be bullied?  I know that everyone still gets made fun of but it seems as thought everyone else has someone saying that it is wrong but those poor overweight kids just have people saying that they are disgusting, a burden on the health care system and need to lose weight.  I understand the need for advocating weight loss, I am doing it now, but should we not also advocate acceptance of those that are overweight too.  How about instead of every bully news story being about gay, minority or religious kids, how about we feature what the fat kid is feeling when they are afraid to eat in the cafeteria because people will make fun of them.  Or maybe even show them in their bedroom crying because they have no friends and don't feel accepted by anyone because they are overweight.  I don't know any kid that says "I want to be fat"  most of these kids are overweight because of the environment they are raised in or because of health issues so why pick on them?  Why point fingers at them by the government telling the world that they are a burden?  Why in the world can we not teach acceptance of all?  I am fat and I am tired of sitting back and biting my tongue when I hear fat jokes, read negative comments on shirts or see people look down on me.  I am no longer going to sit by and not speak up for myself in hopes that somewhere in that person's sad, messed up hate filled mind there is still a spark of humanity that hears what I say.  I know it won't make a difference but I am now confident enough in myself as an overweight American to stand up and say I have rights too.  I have the right to eat in public without being mocked, I have the right to dance without being afraid that I will look fat and I have the right to know that little kids that are overweight will be loved not hated.  So again I ask, Who will stick up for us?  Will you?  Will anyone?  There is no one but ourselves and that is why it has not stopped.  We are too sad, embarrassed and scared to stand up and tell the world that they have no right to treat us that way.  

I am sorry if this offended anyone but it has been building for over 15 years.  I was that kid that was made fun of and teased.  I didn't have many friends because I was afraid of being hurt again when I heard the mockery and laughter.  So I hope you will excuse this moment of sadness and outburst.  And for the first time I will use my name on this blog because I am not going to hide any longer.   I am Desiree and I am asking for someone to stand up for me and those like me, I am asking for acceptance.  That is all. 


  1. Thank you for posting this. I find myself sickened by this as well. Now that I'm smaller people try to lure me into participating in the fatty haters club and I refuse.

    I HATE it.

  2. Excellent post.. You're absolutely right. With all the advocates out there for every group imaginable, why isn't there an advocate for larger people??? The saddest thing is, some folks think we're invisible, we don't hear, we can't see, we're just not there...

    Again, excellent post.

  3. Hear Hear! Discrimination against the obese is the last accepted for of prejudice in this country and probably the world. People think it's not OK to make fun of black, gay, latino, blonde people because they didn't "choose" to be that way. Like you said though, no one CHOOSES to be fat. And the reason you're not going to find a celebrity advocate is because how many fat celebrities do you see? The only ones you see are always in the news about their most recently failed weight loss attempt or the surgery they had, etc. Fatties are not to be idolized so you won't see them in the limelight for long.

  4. I'm so proud of you for asking her that! She deserved to be called out for her rudeness! You are amazing!