Friday, September 2, 2011

- week

278.7    (70lbs lost!)

I MADE IT!!!!! No, not my overall goal weight but to 70 lbs!  I have been stuck at 68 lbs for 2 months and it was time to kick it up a notch and start the numbers moving again.  As I posted before I am doing a 2 week back to basics diet.  I am eating low carb (best for me) and focusing on water intake, snacking and how I eat.  I noticed over the past month that I was grazing all day instead of eating set meals with a few snacks.  Even though I wasn't eating a lot at a given time it was a constant intake of food and to be honest a lot of it wasn't even healthy.  With how busy and hot it was this summer I slowly started adjusting to what was easier and not what was best for me.  When I noticed this I decided that on my decision date anniversary I would go back to the basics and so far (a week in) I have learned a lot. 

I did not realize even when I decided to do this just how off course I had gotten until that first day.  I would not even be hungry but the mental desire to snack was ingrained and taking over.  I am embarrassed to admit this but I was a crabby lady for the first 2 days.  I missed my little indulgences of a cookie here or a chip there and was not satisfied with my turkey slice here or string cheese there.  By the third day things started to click back into the normal slots.  I started to remember that I could still have cookies and chips and candy but not in the way that I was doing it the past few weeks.  I need to make sure that those things are in my diet occasionally like once or twice a week and not daily (or even several times daily). I am very glad that I caught myself before the bad habits took root and I had to go through the whole mental fight that I had a year ago.

The one thing that did not get going this week was my exercising.  I sat down with my husband and we came up with a schedule for me to workout.  I told him that I needed time to workout because without it I was only doing half of what needs to be done to be healthy.  Our schedule is crazy busy with both of us working full time, him going to night school for a masters degree, 3 kids in various activities and then church calling on top of that , it is no wonder that this summer working out started to slip on the priority line.  However, It is right back up there and now that my cold is moving out and the love of my life and I have set up a schedule I will be right back in it next week. 

Here we go with my week in evaluation

Food:  I did really well and after the mental hunger was addressed things got much easier.  I did not realize how much I had started eating past my band. 

Water- very well.  I have a 30 oz water bottle and I am drinking two of those a day plus other liquids

Exercise:  not good.

Mental:  I had a few mental break through this week that have made me more aware of myself.  I thought that after a year of eating different that I knew it all and was cured of my bad habits but a busy summer proved that even if the fat girl is disappearing the bad habits are always lurking. 

Thanks again to all the followers and blog friends that help keep me accountable and are also my unpaid therapist.  This blog and your blogs really do help me and give me that extra push to do what is best.  If I am not following your blog please send me the link.  It takes a village to make a girl Healthy!


  1. Great job on the loss this week, it sounds like you're doing a great job of getting back on the wagon and staying there. This is all really positive - I love it! :)

  2. So happy that you made 70 lost!! Go you and what a great job on your food etc. Great job!