Friday, September 9, 2011

= week


Technically, it is - .1 pounds but I am not considering .1 a loss.  I guess it could have been worse since my body is gearing up for TOM but for the work I put in it would have been nice to see more of a lose.  The main thing is that I can answer to myself that I did try my hardest. 

Week in evaluation:

Water-  Great!  I am getting at least 60 oz or more a day.  My only issue is that I am peeing at least 2 times an hour.  I guess I can count the extra trips to the bathroom as exercise. 

Workouts:  I am doing much better on this one.  I was able to get out and c25k on tuesday and thursday and will do it again tomorrow.  Next week I will be doing weights on monday and friday too.  I will say this,  I am still not able to do week 1 of the C25K but I am getting closer.  I am up to 4 runs out of the 8.  Next week I am adding more and hopefully in a few weeks I will be ready for the C25K.  I told my husband I should come up with a C2C25k for people that are 100 lbs overweight so that they don't feel like idiots because they can't run for a minute straight from the couch.  I am up to a minute but I have to walk longer between runs but when I started I could barely make it 30 seconds so this is a good improvement. 

Food:  I did really good with my back to basics all but one day.  I came home from work and had just  few minutes to eat before we were out the door and so I got stuck and that meant I had to eat a band friendly food that slipped by without problems and as you know most of those are high in carbs.  I guess it will only get harder as I get closer to TOM but I will go shopping this weekend for some low carb band friendly things.  I just wan't prepared enough.

Mental:  Like I said on Wednesday, as long as I can honestly say that I did my best I will not complain (at least too loudly) about how slow it comes off.  I do wish it wasn't so slow but at least I am getting healthier. 


  1. While you think maintaining may not be ideal, but at least it's not a gain! That's what I tell myself. :)

  2. I'm with you on maintaining! When I used to do Weight Watchers, the leader said sometimes we're "climbers" and sometimes we're "campers". I guess I'm just a camper right now.

  3. "Getting healthier" - that is what it is all about!!

  4. I love your attitude about the C25k program. When I tried it, I figured it was for "normal" couch potatoes, not the shape I was in so tried not to get too discouraged also. I think you're doing great!