Wednesday, December 15, 2010

An Odd NSV

I have mentioned before that I have started using my kids plates and trying to plate my food like the little ones but usually we are seated at the table and everyone's plates are in their spots.  Last night we wanted to have a dinner and a movie thing with some Christmas shows.  I plated up everyone's plate and left them on the table for the kids to get and take to the living room while I got the show ready.  My daughter was confused she couldn't pick out which was hers and which was mine because they were not that different.  I only had a little more than she did so I went in there and gave her the correct plate.  I realized just how different my eating is now.  I no longer "need" a huge portion of food just because it tastes good.  I now eat (for the most part) what my body needs to function! That is a big Non- Scale Victory!!!!!!

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  1. I totally get this and it's awesome!!!!! I eat such little amounts at a time and my husband will be like "your done already" and then i'll tell him I'm full and he laughs and calls me a bird lol. It's nice when you really notice how much less you eat! =)

    Thanks for the nice comment you left on my blog!!!!!