Friday, December 3, 2010

New mini goal

As I have mentioned before I set mini goals for myself so that I am able to check things off and feel like I am actually moving in the right direction.  Everybody like to get a gold star and I am no different!  My first mini goal was to meet my weight loss goal for surgery and my new one is to be 299.9 by the first Friday of the year 2011.  I am so close and want to lose the 12 pounds this month to make it.  I am hoping that my fill on the 11th will help me meet the goal.  It would be great to enter into a new year with a new band, new outlook on life and no longer in the 300s. 

I am going to have to step it up since I am only losing 1 pound a week right now,  I figure that I need to be losing 2 pounds a week to make this goal.  So, seeing that number is already starting to freak me out!  My husband has great advice about that though...... when you start freaking out hop on the elliptical and work until you calm down.  I have been so tired and busy lately with holidays and science fairs that I have not been using it and it is starting to give me the stink eye every time I look at it.  It is so funny how an object can make me feel so guilty.  I guess I can start again tonight.  I just hope that it won't be as hard as it was the first time I got it.  Wish me luck, I am going to need it!

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