Friday, December 10, 2010

Cursed myself.

So, I was supposed to lose 2 pounds this week to keep on track for my new mini goal but I didn't lose anything.  Nothing at all.  Not even an ounce!  I am just happy I didn't gain 2 pounds!  Really I kind of expected this since I am really close to my cycle right now and I used to gain 5 pounds each month around that time.  I also know that I could have been making a few better food choices since I knew I was in this weird time period for weightloss too.  You live and learn I guess. 

I got a call from my fill clinic yesterday and I am starting to get really excited about this next step.  I know that I won't hit that sweet spot on the first fill but I am looking forward to being that much closer to the sweet spot.  For those of you that don't know what the sweet spot is here is a description.  The sweet spot is when your fill has reached that perfect level for healthy restriction and weight loss.  You aren't hungry between meals, you eat less but you are still able to eat solid foods.  Everyone has a different Sweet spot and it also changes as you lose weight.  Dr. Ortiz says that just like when you lose weight and have to tighten your belt you will have to do the same for the band as the fat around the stomach itself starts to disappear. 

I am having my fills done under fluoroscope, which means that they will be able to actually see where my port is and watch as I swallow barium to see how the restriction is at that level.  I chose this method because without it the dr is just blindly sticking a needle into me and it is not easy to see how the restriction is.  I know that the doctors are trained to be able to "Feel" the port but to me I would just like to take all the guess work out of the whole thing.  It does coast more but I have heard that you won't need as many fills so it might even out the costs a bit.  Most US doctors are very conservative on the fills and will only do a half ounce at a time but I am hoping that with the fluoro the doctor will be able to put more in.  Most people with a 10cc band don't start getting restriction until the 5cc mark and if I have to .5cc up there that will get very frustrating and expensive. 

Wish me luck and I am hoping that the next time I post I will be 5cc's heavier and not as hungry.  I will let you know what the fill is like too.  Needles, barium.....what could go wrong!

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