Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Fitness Pal

I have a my fitness pal account and I hope that I keep up with it.  I have tried calorie counting websites before and just get so overwhelmed with the constant upkeep that I usually stop.  I hope that I can keep it up though.  At least just for tracking weight and excersise if nothing else.  I know I gotta do something to get off the plateau.  Also, I am going to add another ticker up top for my count down to my 100 mark!


  1. I've used that before too. I've also just kept a little notebook, but then you don't have fun graphics.

  2. I think myfitnesspal is more user friendly than a lot of the other ones and has a pretty good food database. I hate tracking though. I'm doing a whole post about that soon...maybe...if I get off my bum and actually post something. LOL. Good luck getting off your plateau!