Friday, January 13, 2012

+ weeks


Sigh, well it has been an off 3 weeks.  We have had 2 dealths in our extended family, I had strep and my husband now has staph in his leg and can barely walk.  This all adds up to stress, no excersize and eating slider foods that are fast and easy to cook (or not cook).  I gained most of the 5 pounds during the week that I had strep.  I don't know if it was the antibiotics, the lots of coughdrops and nyquil or all of the above.  Or only being able to eat cold smooth things for a few days.  Oh well.  I am hoping that once my husband gets well enough we can get my elliptical back into place (too heavy to move on my own) so that I can start working on my 2012 goal.

Week in evaluation:
Food: not good but not bad. 
Water: Bad.  I need to drink more
Meds:  All taken plus a few more
Mental:  I need to find out why I am so stressed out all the time and a way to fix that.

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  1. Good luck getting everyone better. Sorry for all the stress lately - I'll be thinking about ya. <3