Friday, February 17, 2012

- Week


I am so happy to be back where I was before my Grandma died in december.  I wasn't even stress eating in the way that I did before my band.  Since my band I have noticed a different kind of stress eating.  When I get stressed out my band gets really tight and I can't eat anything so what do I turn to?  That's right, sliders.  However, instead of using broths, soups and protien shakes to feed my stressed out body I use ice cream, chips and anthing else that will slide right by.  It is so funny how I keep learning things even after a year.  The fat girl in me has adapted and mutated to fit it's current conditions!  I guess I need to watch her so she doesn't take over again. 

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  1. It is easy to fall into that trap- good for you for recognizing it.