Friday, July 8, 2011

+ week


I am so ashamed of myself.  Not about the weight but because I have been way too busy with my life to be a regular poster and reader of other Banded blogs.  I promise I am not really this big of a loser but I am just barely making it right now with the summer schedule.  Things should be easier soon and I will be back in action in more ways than just blogging. 

So, yeah I am up 1.5 pounds but as I have mentioned before this is just the game that my body and I play every month.  I wiggle and wobble around a number by 2 lbs either way and then after about 6 to 8 weeks I will drop 3-5 pounds.   It is aggravating but my numbers are at least moving in the right direction after little expected detours.  I also seem to gain around my ovulation time, which is funny since I do not actually ovulate.  Another one of nature's funny jokes on me.  Now for my week in evaluation.

Water:  not at the 62oz mark but still doing ok

Exercises:  some but not enough.  I did do a bunch of swimming on my camping trip and out swam my 10 year old son.

Mental:  I am going to save this one for its own post.  But just to tease you a bit, my husband had to have a little come to bandster meeting with me.

NSV:  I put on a swim suit and went to a lake.  That in itself is a bit huge but then I ran into someone I had not seen in 4 years and before I could freak out at being seen in the suit she commented on how I looked like I had lost a lot of weight and that she did not recognize at first.  That stopped the instant mental freak out and made me feel a lot better.  Oh, and I had to get new under garments again.  yeah they fell off in an embarrassing way while I was wearing a front of other peeps......just saying.


  1. Sounds like you're in a good space with the + week. Keep up the good mental attitude and congrats for the NSV, suits are always a big deal for us ladies!

  2. You lost your panties?!?! Oh my!

    I also gain at ovulation time. I just don't weigh that week.

  3. Yay for public swimsuit wearing! I was so excited for you, I almost missed the big panties. Whoa. That's something! :)

    Glad to hear from you!

  4. Hooray for swim suit NSV's!! And get off the puter and get some new undies, Friend!!