Monday, July 18, 2011

- week


Just like I said last week.  As soon as I get over the ovulation part of my cycle the 2 extra pounds would go away.  Now to just get the downward trend to keep going.  I have been stuck at this same number for over a month and would love for it to move into the 70's. 

Week in evaluation:
Water: getting better.  I am still needing to pick it up some since I seem to only drink at work.  I need to bridge the habit over to my home life too.

Food:  Snacky.  I will say that though I am snacky I don't just eat to eat.  I grab a little of what I am craving and then put it away.  I am getting better at recognizing when I am sated.

Exercises:  When I last tried the couch to 5K in the spring I messed up my knee because I am still a bit too heavy for the high impact of it.  I had to lay off for a few months but I am ready to get back to it.  I am going to play it smart though.  I am going to do the program on my elliptical machine and do each week two or more times until I feel that my body (knees) are ready to move on to the next level.  After I can complete it on the elliptical I will move it outside.  Hopefully by then I will be lighter and it will not be 115 degrees outside.  Wish me luck.

Mental:  I am still doing well.  I am still happy I had this surgery and I am blessed that I have a huge support group to keep me motivated. 

This week was a good one for me.  I feel like I did what I needed too and I am in control.  Let's just hope it stays great.


  1. Great job on your loss. I also am considering the couch to 5K program, but I am worried about my knees. I wonder how you modify it for the elliptical though.

  2. Cat, I know about how fast my stride is when I run and when I walk so that is how I am adapting the plan to my machine. It was even better than when I started in the spring outside. I was able to go the full 60 seconds instead of 30 and was able to push harder too because my knees were good to go. My Heart rate shot through the roof so I was praising the voice on my app that told me I could walk again each time. The app on my iphone is get running and it was 1.99 but it is nice not having to watch the timer to see when to run or walk.

  3. When I feel snacky, I sometimes pack my favorite snack foods as lunch. I don't have a regular meal - just the snacks. It feels very indulgent, but because I am skipping the meal, it works into my calories.

    You are doing so well!

  4. Sounds like you're being really wise about how to make the C25K program work for you - the same benefits will be there on the elliptical and you're right, you will make it through the hottest part of the summer and allow your body tiime to adjust to this new demand.

  5. "Food: Snacky. I will say that though I am snacky I don't just eat to eat. I grab a little of what I am craving and then put it away. I am getting better at recognizing when I am sated."

    I love this and hope I can get there one of these days!