Friday, April 1, 2011

- Week


I guess I am the living proof of slowly but surely.  I will go a few weeks and not lose anything and then I will lose 2 lbs and then hold steady again.  You know what though?  At least I am moving downwards.  Just like I need to stop and catch my breath sometimes while chasing my kids  exercising, my body, I guess, needs the same breaks on this long trek downhill.  I am trying so hard to keep positive about how slowly I am losing the weight and it helps that I have such a great support group in real life and on the blogs as well.  My goal was to be 290 today but I will take the 293 because it beats 350 any day.  I am now shooting for 290 in two weeks.  Wish me luck!

Week in Evaluation
1.  Water- I have so been rocking this!  That might also explain the 2 lbs loss.  Go figure!  I have been drinking 48 oz over my 8 hour work day and then the last 10-20 during the evening.  I really hope I manage to keep this up and can use basic physics (water erosion) to kick the fat out.

2.  Food- I am doing pretty well on eating.  I mean I am PMS and have partaken of an occasional (daily) treat to help with the cravings.  This is all part of my new lifestyle though.  I will allow treats and cheats as long as they don't become a norm.  I mean, who wants to sign on to a life with zero carbs and chocolate?  Not me, but I can sign on to a life with fewer carbs and chocolate and still feel great.  Plus it helps me appreciate it more when I am able to eat it. 

3.  Exercise-  I hurt my knee this week while doing the run/walk thing and I am now in a brace.  I know it is because I am still kind of too heavy to really run and to be honest I have no idea what kind of form is needed for running.  I have been doing some research and one of the Young Women that I teach at church is going to give me some pointers and show me some stretches too.  I am still lifting weights and going to keep walking too. 

The OCC, where I had the surgery, sends an email once a month with a survey about what is going on in my life and my body and one of the questions is if I am happy with my lose so far.  Even though I am losing slowly I have to mark yes because with the surgery I was unable to lose weight no matter what I did and now I am finally able to watch my life change.  How can I not be happy with those kinds of blessings no matter how small they are.  BTW, Please remind me of this statement next time it is a gain week.

~Fat Girl


  1. Just keep in mind that with slow weight loss, paired with weight training, ur body will keep a better shape! And when u start to feel bad about the rate of loss think back to the size u were previously. Take ur time and enjoy the journey. Appreciate all the things ur learning about ur self and what ur capable of. Of course I know, easier said than done! But hang in there!

  2. I'm in the slow, but sure club myself. It can definitely be frustrating, but we know that it's the best way to go health wise.

  3. Water is so important. Good for you for keeping on it!!

  4. im not sure what sizes can fit I know that I will be a size 20 when I get to that point. Also last time I went and tried to sit in the coasters I was 320lbs and I was able to get the bars down but they wouldn't latch so I had to get out. Now I am hoping since I am smaller that it will work :)