Friday, April 15, 2011

- week


2 pounds in one week!  I am very excited but confused by this.  It seems that when I watch everything and workout right I don't lose but when I let it go just a little I start to lose.  I just can't figure this out.  Anyways, I am very close to 60lbs now (3lbs)  and I hope it is off by my birthday in a few weeks.

Week in evaluation:
Water- it is a little odd but I am actually drinking the water straight now with out the flavoring.  I don't know if I have just gotten used to it or if it is because it is warmer outside but I like it!  I am still rocking the water intake.

Exercise- *sigh*  only two times so far this week.  I know, but I did have a weird week.  I will hope back on the trail this weekend.

Food-  A little mental issues but not that bad.  I have also managed to make a bag of Lindt truffles last over two weeks (and still have some in there too).  6 months ago those suckers would not have made it past the night.  Just sayin.

Me- I have been really in a funk this week and I don't know what is up but I did not turn to food to make it better.  I am starting to feel better and am amazed at how different I am on the outside and inside.  Mentally I am doing well.


  1. Hope your funk fades. My is starting to and that makes me very happy. YAY for the water! That is such a big deal. Go you!

  2. I love your avatar on the right side of your blog! I just updated mine with a flowering tree to perk me up - if only for a moment!