Monday, April 11, 2011

+ week


I know this is not friday but I did weigh and was not surprised that I gained a little.  Not even a pound but I still have to mark it as a gain week.  I look back and a year ago I was gaining 10lbs with my period and spending the rest of the month working that off so I would say this is not a bad gain.  Hopefully by this friday I will be back at 293 or lower.  Please, let it be lower!!!!!!!  I didn't want to miss posting my weigh in but you guys know how life gets in the way sometimes.  I have just been really busy this past weekend but I knew I needed to post just to keep myself accountable.  Bow for my evaluation.

Week in evaluation:

Water:  I have worked it out.  Dividing my water into times has been a huge help.  I am drinking my water everyday and even more on some days.  I hope I continue to keep this up.

Exercise:  I worked out 4 times last week and I really do enjoy the after glow of the work outs.  Notice I did not say the workout itself.  I have started the weights back up and that could be the pound gained as well since muscles gained equal scale increase.  The bonus though is that muscle helps with the metabolism so I will take any increase in scale if it is muscle.

Mind:  I am still dealing with mental hunger.  In fact on wed night I ate past the point of being over full just because it was in front of me.  I was so uncomfortable for the rest of the night but it helped me decide that it was not worth it.  It is just amazing that after 6 months of eating differently I can still get a sneak attack from my brain.  So crazy.

Other:  Well I had my TOM this week and I did well with continuing to workout even with the cramps and I even did ok with the cravings.  I did notice that I was a bit crabbier than normal and I think that might be because I no longer get brownies from my husband to calm the beast that is in my mind.  Speaking of Mr. Fat Girl, he is still continuing to be what keeps me going.  He works out with me, he helps me find things to eat that aren't bad and he listens to me whine and complain.  He even goes so far as to tell me that when I work out it gets him worked up too (TMI, I know) but it does help a sweaty fat girl like me feel like the skinny girl in the gym when she has a hot man drooling after her. 

I hope you all had a negative gain week!

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  1. I'm sort of in the same boat right now....I keep going up and down like half a lb and its frustrating. I pretty much now its coming when I step on the scale though because I am aware of what I am eating and its been too much!

    I'm still dealing with mental hunger too.....1yr and 10 months out.....I wonder if we will always deal with that? Blah! =)