Friday, February 18, 2011

- week


Sigh..............  So it seems that my body is perfectly content to be all around the 50 lb mark but not actually want to commit to it.  I guess it has some issues with change and would rather stay in the 300 numbers that it has been at for 7 years.  I, however, would really apprieciate it if it would acknowledge the 5 times a week work outs and proper eating that I have been doing and move on.  I don't want to sound like a moaning myrtle by any means but I wish my body would lose more than a pound in three weeks when I am doing what I need to in order to lose weight.  I could understand if I wasn't working out or if I was eating crap all of the time but no, my body just wants to be a poophead and hold on to what it has.   I will just continue to do what I have been doing and just hope for the best.  I will say that I can not wait until I am low enough that the PCOS is not such a huge issue in weightloss. 

Week in evaluation:

1.  I have to say I am doing really well in the workout area.  Even with a sinus infection I still made myself workout.  I aim for 5 times a week and I have already hit that for the week.  I have just decided that when I least want to workout is when I need it the most.  I am trying to condition myself into wanting to workout and needing it for my personal thinking and meditation time.  I am going to get there just as soon as I can stop my brain from counting down every second I am moving so that I can stop.  LOL, it seems that I might have a ways to go before I enjoy cardio.  I do, however, really love weights!

2.  I am doing better with water but am only getting 40 oz in a day.  I need to up this by 20 oz.  That is my new goal.

3.  I think I am ready to add crunches back into my mix.  I was doing them everyday for a couple of weeks but about two weeks ago near the end of a set I felt a huge pain in my port (abby is its name) area and it wa sore for...well.....until a few days ago.  I was afraid that I flipped my port but I have no way of checking it until my next fill.  Have any of you had this pain or issue?


  1. I have heard of people who work out like crazy, eat properly and are stuck in the same weight and it turns out that they are not eating enough. You are right, your body is holding onto everything, maybe you need to add a little bit more protein. I am not an expert but just thought I would add that.
    Hope Abby is ok. :)

  2. Hey, well, surely you will turn a corner very soon. You have already done something amazing. 50 lbs is no joke. Once we went to Wal-mart when Ben had lost 30 lbs and I made him pick up a 30 lb. weight. It really put the loss in perspective. What I am saying is that you need to find a 50 lb. weight and try to pick it up! Anyway. Your new picture looks great. You have always been a beautiful brown haired, blue eyed girl! And Mike is wonderful to you.

  3. Port pain is pretty common, especially when you over-exert (or just regular-exert) yourself with ab work. I wouldn't worry too much about it. I'm sorry the scale isn't cooperating. PCOS really seems to make weight loss difficult, even after surgery.

    Do you follow Amy W.? I see she is following you and I wonder if you read her post today. Basically she said that if what you are doing isn't working you should try something else. Try increasing or decreasing your calories. Try more exercise (although it sounds like you're kicking ass). For me, protein is a huge thing. If I don't eat enough protein, I don't lose weight.

    BUT I don't know how long the scale hasn't been moving. If it is just a couple of days, then you should stay of the scale for awhile and see what that does. It could be TOM.

    I was banded last February and have lost 106+ lbs. I am now at goal. Drop by for a visit at

  4. I'm sorry your scale is being uncooperative, babe. Update us and let us know how it's going! :)