Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sneaky husband!

About a week ago I was getting ready for church and my husband asked me to sit down and let him take a picture.  I thought he was just being silly so I just plopped down and made a face while he took it.  Later he showed me what he was doing and I wish I had made a nicer and less "we are in a hurry" look.  I happened to be wearing an exact same outfit that I had worn when he took a picture of me right before I started my plan to lose weight.  In the picture I was sitting down and my son was showing me how to shoot his bow.  I was sitting because he is 9 and the target was really low.  Well, I hated the pic and didn't know that my husband had kept it.  He remembered the picture on his phone and decided to take one of me 45 lbs lighter in the same outfit, once again sitting down. 

6 months ago

2 weeks ago

Now, I don't know if you guys can tell a difference but I can.  No one ever looks thinner sitting down but in the second pic I can see that my Belly is smaller, my arms are smaller and the clothes fit.  Before I started losing weight the skirt was tight and I had to roll it up a bit at the waist so that the wider part was over my hips.  The skirt is now a little big for me. The shirt used to be stretched so much that it barely covered my belly button but now it is a loose and looks nice on me.  Like most fat girl clothes they all stretch and so if you gain weight they just stretch with you and just look shorter and less appealing.  I am happy that all my stretched out clothes are now fitting loose and that my husband was sweet enough to take these comparison shots for me.  You see, I might be the type of bandster that complains about how even though she has lost 50 pounds it is not noticeable.  LOL!  I guess he wanted to prove me a little wrong.  Also, I got some new clothes this weekend and I guess since I am wearing clothes that are not baggy on me people keep asking me if I am losing weight.  Goes to show you that the baggier the clothing does not mean the smaller you look. 


  1. Awesome! and yes I can tell the difference. What a great thing your husband did.

  2. yes i can totally tell a difference! your doing awesome chica!

    I am the same way. I look at myself and say really I don't look like I have lost 40lbs. You re doing so good!!

  3. Oh yes I can see a difference! I hate wearing baggy clothes! I have the apple shape baody and so I have no ass. When I started losing weight, I felt like I had a parachute ass. So much fabric on my backside!

  4. Uh, hell yea you can tell a difference. You are doing great!

  5. You look amazing! Total transformation! Can't imagine how awesome you'll look after another 45 lbs. :)

  6. can definately ssee a difference! Congrats on the weight loss. Keep up the good work!