Monday, February 7, 2011

- Week


I am still moving down on the scale and that is a great thing!  I am a little nervous about next week since it will be my special time of the month but hopefully any damage will be small.  I am a little late on the weigh in but that is because we were unexpectedly blanketed with snow last friday and I have been at home with the kids since then.  I am so close to my first mini goal that I can barely stand it and it is taking all my will power not to get on the scale everyday to see how I am doing. I have to limit myself or it starts to dictate my moods and what I eat.  So I am a once a week weigh in type of girl. 

Week in evaluation:
1.  Getting better at the whole water thing.  I noticed that I am able to handle more water in the evenings than the mornings so I have adjusted my drinking schedule. 

2.  I discovered that if I eat it really slowly then I can have a piece of turkey sausage for breakfast in the mornings.  This is helpful and also keeps me full until lunch.  I was having a problem with the shakes not keeping me full for as long as solid food does.

3.  Pushing myself harder- I need to get better at pushing myself harder during workouts.  It is so easy to convince myself that once I hit a certain time I can get off instead of going just a little longer to extend the time I am doing cardio.  I am going to start working on that. 

4.  I am getting better at slowing down while I eat but it is still a task that I have to focus on.  I am hoping that over time it will become a more natural thing to chew, take small bites and wait between bites.  That has to be the most frustrating thing so far.

Overall, I am still doing pretty well since the second fill.  I have lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks and even though that kind of loss doesn't last long it was still a great leap off of that plateau that I was stuck on for so long.  I am hoping to keep a 1-2 lbs weekly loss.  I just hope that my period agrees with me.


  1. great job on the weightloss!!
    the chewing is such a big obsticle for me. I always forget until right after I swallow my food and then I sit there and hope that it goes down. It takes a while to get used to.

  2. Glad you are doing so well. Congrats on great weight loss.

  3. You are almost down 50 close. I bet that is a good feeling.

    Dont beat yourself up if your period doesn't work with you, remember our bodies usually hold onto water then.

    Keep up the good work (evaluations and all)!

  4. 50 pounds! That will feel incredible! Good luck with your period!

  5. Congrats on the - week and 50 pounds? That's amazing and something to be super proud of.

  6. AWESOME! Almost there!! :)

    I have to work on all of those things, too. But we can DO it! :)

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