Friday, June 3, 2011

- week


Not as big of a loss as I wanted but I will take every oz that I get.  I am still busy, busy and busy so I am actually a bit surprised at the loss.  My UTI came back as well as TOM so you can imagine the week I have had.  It wasn't too bad but had this been 7 months ago this girl would have curled up under a rock somewhere with a year supply of chocolate and not come back out until I needed more.   I am still thankful for the blessings of the blog world, OCC and hard work for blessing me with the knowledge and strength to not use food as a comforter any longer.    Here is my evaluation.

Water:  With the UTI I believe I have met and exceeded the quota.

Exercises:  Still not doing to great on this one due to time.  Baseball ends next weekend so I am hoping to get back on track.  Maybe my house will even be cleaned!

Food:  Still pretty tight and the TOM and infection does not help.  I will say this, I am getting better at eating slow and chewing the mess out of everything.

Mental:  Still a bit stressed out but dealing with it pretty well.  It helps that I had some new NSVs this week.  I ordered some clothes from Old Navy online and I got them but they were a little too big. Still wearable but a bit big.   I was shocked because I bought them thinking they would be small and I could shrink into them.  That was a nice nsv.  Another NSV is that I found that I can ration out chocolate.  My husband bought me a small bag of lindt truffles in april (like 10 truffles) and I ate the last one last night.  I enjoy them much better when I only eat one or two once in a while and not a whole bag in one hour.  You can savor the texture and feel of it but I think I will save the rest of this thought for another post.  

Happy losses to us all!


  1. Congrats on having the loss even with your obstacles!! Water...that makes me remember that I need to go drink! :)

  2. Those are some great NSVs!! You have done well considering all you have going on. Congratulations on the loss.

    Have a great weekend!!

  3. Honestly I did the same thing with Old Navy online with my workout clothes. I bought the workout pants and figured I would shrink into them. They were almost too big and now, more than a month later, they really are too big. I have to pull up my pants constantly throughout my workouts. Great job on the loss, and as you said, with everything going on right now, take the oz!! As long as your post begins with the minus that's a victory right??

  4. Yum, those are my FAVORITE chocolates ever. I bought a bag about two weeks ago and I ate them all in about 3 days. UGH.

  5. Yuck. UTI's. Drink up and I think chocolate might just help. LOL.

  6. Terrific NSV's!! And (((hugggsss))) to you - feel better SOON!!!