Friday, May 20, 2011

- week


It's that time of the week again.  The time that most overweight people hate........weigh in day.  It is a little different after you get a band.  You are excited to see if you lost but you are scared that nothing happened.  So now you know the emotions that I wake up to every friday morning.   This morning was no different.  I was really excited because I had a fill last saturday and wanted to know if it helped but I was also nervous because I had recently gained three pounds without any warning.  I stepped on the scale closed my eyes waited a second and then peeked down.  Safe!  I lost the three pounds and a few ounces more.  Back below 290 and back in the 60 lbs lost range.  Now I can let my love hate relationship with my scale rest another week.  

Week in Evaluation:  
Water: so bad in fact that I have a bladder infection.   Well, at least that kicked me back into the water drinking machine that I need to be.

Meds: Back on track although I am also back to splitting my pills so they pass through the band

Exercise:  My exercise right now is yard work and house cleaning.  Both are also leaving me sore.  It is amazing how many muscles you use to mow.

Mental/Physical:  Mentally I am still pretty run down and stressed out.  We are still way over scheduled and will be until baseball season is over (3 more weeks).  We are also still worried about my parents and trying to help when we can.  Physically my fill level is good but with the Infection I am super tight and having problems with everything I am eating.  I am probably going to go soft foods and soups until I am healthy again.  I can not go the whole weekend in a stuck episode. 

I hope all of you had success this week with the scale!

~Fat Girl


  1. Congrats on the loss this week. I weigh in tomorrow and already feel the anxiousness that you describe!

    So sorry about your bladder infection! Hopefully you feel well again soon!

  2. You are doing so great! Yay for a good week on the scale! And shame shame shame on the water intake! But at least now you know the consequences of not getting your water in! Sucky way to learn that leason though! Hope the stress dies down soon! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. You are a really good example of "learning from your mistakes". Hope you have a great week!