Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Quick update

I have not been hiding but have just been really busy and a little...well, you guys know the term when you don't have something nice.  That is what the past week has been like for me.  I live in Arkansas and for those of you that are not aware Arkansas had some major storms, tornadoes and flooding last week.  Our house is fine but my parents house was flooded. We ahd to get the water out, rip up flooring, clean everything feed people, gather workforces and take care of food.  It was a blessing that it only rose 6 inches in the house and not higher but it still caused a lot of damage.  This added in with baseball, gymnastics, church, mike classes and my period made for one week from hades.  Not to mention that my birthday came and went with me being too busy to celebrate.  I didn't mind that much because my husband had planned a romantic getaway for the two of us to celebrate in memphis but when the flood waters decided to take that away this overworked and stressed hormonal woman just gave up.  I was pretty down for a few days and I just figured that since I try and keep my blog upbeat that I did not need to vent and whine on here until I could do it without sounding like a spoiled brat.  I am much better now, still over worked and stressed but no longer hormonal and that made a huge difference.  My parents are still dealing with everything but FEMA has now started helping and after friday my husband will start summer break and not have an assignment pending that is taking up all of his time.  Life will be good once it settles down.  Oh, and my kids and husband did great on mother's day and even took me out to dinner on saturday for my birthday.  It ended up being great.

On the weight loss side:  I gained 3 pounds while on my period and I know why.  It was not from what I ate but from what I did not do.  I did not drink water, did not take meds and I was on my period.  I didn't do any workouts but honestly I got plenty of workout with the clean up and having to replant my washed out garden.  I am having to get back into the habit of drinking water and even taking my meds regularly, it is amazing how little time it takes to break a habit that took months to create.  Hopefully, I can get this fixed and it helps that I am having a fill on saturday.  High hopes that everything is fine. 

I am sorry if I have been neglecting this blog and not commenting on all of the ones I read but I have been checking in on others but just could not sit down to post myself until things worked out a bit.  Here is to a great rest of the week and happy losses to everyone.

~Fat Girl


  1. So sorry that your parents house got flooded. Glad your house is ok though. No appologies needed for neglecting the blog, real life rears it's head, it's expected. But remember when helping your parents get back on's good to see you back on track as well. : )

  2. Sounds like you have some very good reasons not to blog. I haven't done the best lately myself. Sorry for what you had to go through, but glad you are coming out the other end. Good luck on your fill.

  3. I am sorry to hear about the flooding. I hope mother nature stays away from you guys for awhile. I know Florida has hurricanes, but the normal thunderstorms down here are nothing like Kansas and the midwest where I grew up.

    3lbs aint nothing. You got this. Glad you took some time and now you are back.

  4. Sometimes a girl has got to vent and you have some very valid things to vent about! Wow, I'm so sorry about the flooding. The storms and flood issues across the midwest and south are horrible. I guess I can be glad that it wasn't worse for you.

    Glad you are checking in. Like Amy said, 3 got this!