Monday, November 15, 2010

Solid foods!!!!!

Oh, I never thought I would learn to hate soup and creamy food but I really did get tired of it!  I am finally able to eat solid food and it was great!  To be able to chew and bite and feel the food stay in your tummy instead of just sliding right through has been great.  I have learned a few things though that I will share. 

1.  Now that I am on solids I fill up way faster and stay that way longer.  For example, when I was on the creamies and liquids I would fill up fast but be hungry again an hour later.  However, on solids I will use today for an example, I had some club crackers at 7:30 am and it is not 12:16 and I am still not hungry.  Mentally I want to go and eat something and I have been dealing with this all weekend but physically I am fine and so I will listen to my body and not my mind on this and not eat until I am physically hungry.

2.  Bread is still a no go.  Not because of carbs but because apparently I am not able to take small enough bites and chew it well enough for it to not get hung up and hurt like crap.  Talk about a behavior modification tool!  I am terrified of that feeling again so I am going to wait on bread until I am in better control of myself and the way I eat.  Crackers seem to be fine but not bread.  That's fine since I really don't need carbs anyways.

3.  I am more aware of what I am eating now and why I am eating.  I mentioned the mental hunger before and it is amazing how much that plays a part in eating.  I will be sitting at my desk and start thinking I need to get a snack.  Not because I am hungry but because it would be something to do and would taste good.  Having the band is helping me recognize those thoughts and habits.  I am still a long ways off from mastering it but at least I can see what is happening.

I only gained 2 pounds this past week but that is fine.  Before the surgery I was eating about 500 or less calories a day and less than 5 carbs.  I do not want to eat like that now that I have met the pre op goal and can slow down and do this a healthier way.  My body just needed time to adjust to the higher calories and carbs.  Hopefully, I can get this under control and start losing again before my fill appt in december.  That's right I made the appointment but more on that later.

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