Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Day After

Day three:
I slept better than I thought I would that first night and only had to wake my husband up once to roll me off of my port.  We even managed to sleep in a little.  I had another photo shoot because I wanted pics of post op scars to show what it looks like.  Again, I will post these soon.  I still felt pretty good and decided to hit the road and see what Tijuana had for tourists. 
My husband ate breakfast at a Carl Jr’s that was a few blocks from the hotel and I had a few sips of his juice.  I was just still not up to drinking much.  We then caught a taxi and headed to the Revolucion Ave. to spend some money and have fun.  It was so much fun!  The colors, smells, noise and shops were great.  It was just was we needed to feel like we were doing something cool and fun on our little trip.  We quickly learned that you can get anything for 5 dollars and that my husband does not like to barter for lower prices.  We took our time in walking around since I was still a day out from my surgery but the walking was great for the gas pain.  I would suggest this outing to anyone who has the surgery as a way to keep you active and your mind occupied.  After about 5 hours I started to feel tired and a bit sore so we got a ride back to the hotel and took a nap. 
For dinner we went to subway….I know, but it was close and I was tired.  I actually made it about a halfway through a Gatorade!  We then decided to head in for the night and rented a movie on the TV and posted our pics on facebook.  We stayed up til 9 pm and actually got to see what the city looked like after dark through our window!  Overall, I was a little sore, a little dehydrated and a lot tired but still excited and happy.  All of that put together made for a great night of sleep with the aid of my pain meds!

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