Monday, November 4, 2013

Fresh Start

Well, They were able to save my band and reposition it.   I have been one month without any fill so that my body could heal and gained 16 lbs.   UGH!  Lucky for me the doctor is slowly building my fill back up so that I have more restriction and will have the help that I need to continue losing.   THe past 9 months have been such a hard roller coaster with all the sickness and pain so I am excited about starting over.   I am going back to basics on calories in and working out.   Let us just say that with the pain I have been in I stopped working out and didn't have to watch what I ate since I was throwing it back up anyways so all my 3 years of training has slipped a bit.    This mentally and physically fat girl went right back into eating even when not hungry and eating crap.   It doesn't help that it was halloween either!   I am hoping to start working out tonight, you guys have no idea how much I hate sweating.   I will keep you better updated not that I am not just trying to survive.

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