Monday, April 22, 2013

crazy roller coaster

Well, I was too tight after my gallbladder surgery and after getting 1cc removed from the band in January all seemed well until I started gaining weight.   I gained 10 pounds in 2 weeks so I figured I was too loose at this point.  I went in to the doctor and they put .5cc back in my band and all was well again for about a month.   I started slowly losing what I had gained and I seemed to be in that sweet spot and then bam!  I was once again unable to eat or even drink water.    I thought maybe it was sinus issues again but after a week and using ice chips to keep some water in me I called it quits on trying to wait it out.   I went back into the doctor and they removed the .5 cc.    I decided I will just have to make it work by using my fitness app to track my food intake and by going back to band basics even harder.    I figure that with the first unfill I was just so excited to be able to eat more than juice that I went crazy and that was the gain so I won't let that happen again.   It has been about a month since the unfill and I have even lost 2 more pounds so I guess I am in a great spot right now.      I have no idea why after over a year at 6.5cc my band decided to shut but I guess that is why we have doctors to adjust our fills.

About my fitness pal.......   I have a love hate relationship with that site.   I love how easy it is to track what goes in my mouth but I hate that is shows me just how much snacking I do between meals.     After about a week I realized that most of my food intake is not even meals!    How crazy is that!    I really am hoping that this fill is the sweet spot for now and that I don't have anymore crazy episodes of no food and water.   Wish me luck!

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