Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Harder than I thought

Well, I did it. I have now rid myself of all clothing that I wore 100 pounds ago. I did keep my largest pair of jeans to be a reminder but my husband took me to the Dillard's sale today and pretty much told me I was no longer allowed to wear the shirts I wore before starting this journey after today. I know it sounds strange but I am a very frugal person and to me it seemed logical that if they were still nice to wear them. My husband does not agree. For the past month he has been making me judge my clothes in a full length mirror and we both had to rate it as keep or go and I started to understand what he was saying. As long as I was wearing the same clothes I still saw myself as 100 pounds heavier and from the way they hung on me it made me still look heavy too. I guess that fat girl in me will always thing that if it is baggy it will hide my fat. Well, it hid more than my fat it hid me. I didn't realize that those clothes were a security blanket. That as long as I had them I didn't have to worry about something feeling a little tight or even mentally moving on as a more confident woman. I am sitting on my bed at this moment surrounded myth old clothes am I am sad packing them up to give away. I remember what memories I had in different ones or how it felt when I was actually able to find a pretty 4x shirt. Now my closet and dresser are full of new clothes and I new to accept that the new me is ready to put them on and continue in my new life. I wonder if anyone else had issues finally putting away clothes or if I am the only crazy sentimental fool out here.


  1. I don't think you're crazy at all. There is security in knowing that those close fit and were even big! They were a reminder that you HAVE lost weight. It is time to move on though and good for you saving a single pair of jeans (save a shirt too!) as comparison, but it's time to be the new person you are now. Not cling to the person you were. I wouldn't spend a lot, and look into thrift shopping. I get frugal for sure! Best of luck. Remember, change is the reason for the journey! :)

  2. i kept my largest too if great 4 before and after pics and lets u know where u dont ever want to be again
    congrats on the loss

  3. Hooray for new clothes and new beginnings!! You look great, Desiree and I'm so excited for you to continue on your journey! You really are an inspiration!

  4. i do really like zumba ....if you have the wii imy favorite zumba is wii zumba core by far
    but the other ones are ok too
    i have the dvds too and i would say the old ones i like better than the new set too

  5. clothes have always held a strong attachment for me and it was really hard getting rid of some of the shirts I had worn. Hell I still have a dress from highschool when I was really thin. I know my shape has changed drasticall but I still can't get rid of that dress.
    I had to throw out every last pair of fat clothes so I wouldn't have the insentive to go back at all.